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  • Going into episode eight of The Bachelor, airline pilot Peter Weber had narrowed down

  • the field of 30 lovely ladies vying for his attention to just four final candidates.

  • Pete's been looking for love on reality TV since last year when he appeared on Hannah

  • Brown's season of The Bachelorette, and while he was a fan favorite, Pete ultimately didn't

  • make the cut with Hannah.

  • With reality TV romance, though, it's not whether you win or lose, it's whether you

  • spark a flame in the heart of the show's producers.

  • Evidently Pilot Pete did just that, because here he is hosting his own show and auditioning

  • potential brides.

  • "Who did you pick?

  • Just go ahead and tell us.

  • "Who did I pick? Alright, here we go."

  • "Whisper in Tiffany's ear, she won't tell anybody."

  • When it comes to picking the future Mrs. Pilot, though, his mom wanted to weigh in and have

  • her say and although technically no names were mentioned, or were carefully edited out

  • of the clip they've been running, she dropped enough clues that we can kind of guess who

  • Pete's going to pick.

  • It's either that, or face the wrath of a mom whose advice was ignored.

  • Pete's top four choices were model Hannah Ann, who was awarded his very first rose,

  • one-time Price Is Right contestant Madison, former Miss Iowa Kelsey, and the controversial

  • Victoria F. Of these four, many Bachelor viewers figured Victoria would be Pete's pick, but

  • some major drama seems to shake things up in the final episodes.

  • Each of the four lucky ladies would get a hometown visit that could allow them to show

  • off their Reality Prince Charming, as well as have carefully prepped and vetted friends

  • and family waiting in the wings to help solidify their standings.

  • Peter accompanied Hannah Ann to Knoxville, Tennessee where he met her extremely protective

  • father.

  • Next he went with Kelsey to Des Moines, Iowa where she told him she was in love with him.

  • Then it was off to Auburn, Alabama with Madison, where her family expressed doubts as to Peter's

  • religious convictions.

  • His final visit to Virginia Beach with Victoria, though, was where things started to go off

  • the rails.

  • An old girlfriend of Pete's from his pre-TV days, a woman named Merissa Pence, showed

  • up with some startling news for her former flame.

  • She turns out to have known Victoria for several years, and doesn't exactly think Victoria

  • is bride material.

  • Some of the Victoria horror stories Merissa shared included affairs with married men and

  • a threat to slash tires.

  • Pete then confronted Victoria, and it didn't go too well.

  • And after all that, he never actually did meet her family.

  • When it came to the rose ceremony, however, where one contestant would be sent home, that

  • contestant was not Victoria instead, Kelsey was the one who got the boot.

  • So how does Pete's mama feel about this drama?

  • According to a teaser clip, she's contributed her own opinions.

  • This isn't the first time fans have seen this teaser, so how do we know who her plea is

  • referring to now?

  • Of the three ladies left, the most religious is undoubtedly Madison.

  • Since Pete's mom seems to share similar religious beliefs, Madison would naturally be the favored

  • daughter-in-law candidate.

  • Still, it looks like trouble lies ahead.

  • There's that fantasy suite episode to look forward to or not, if you're a good Christian

  • girl saving herself for marriage.

  • In the teasers, Pete admits that he did do the deed with one of the three.

  • So it's possible Madison tries to leave the show, and then Peter's mom throws a fit.

  • As for Petewho knows?

  • Does he go after her and make Mom happy?

  • Or has this season of The Bachelor got yet more plot twists in store for us?

  • Fans will just have to wait and see.

  • "You thirsty?"

  • "You gonna get me in trouble?"

  • "Oh I'm gonna get you in trouble?

  • You gotta girlfriend?"

  • "You gotta tune in to find out."

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Going into episode eight of The Bachelor, airline pilot Peter Weber had narrowed down


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