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  • wait your mother in a dream.

  • It's not huge.

  • It's It's not your mother.

  • It's you.

  • And it's Ah, reflection off your mother and principles.

  • You know, actually, you should see it as U S.

  • Oh, I don't know.

  • Okay, so draw burning walk on the street And that's so portrait I weaken ghost exceptions.

  • We want, you know it started.

  • You know, the rules here way play like that when it comes down with I am other No, some, some of them some of them aren't but almost trying to make out about may ever action, comrade, Leave me out of a bin Shops a cz much is it is just a painting.

  • Uh, like I believe, relying too many meanings and shit.

  • Eventual realities home one reality it z It's an alternate identity, a big fires living aspire state being in confusion between what I am, who I am.

  • You know, I personally trying keep that, you know, lesson for me.

  • Like I don't want to be an actor.

  • I don't pretend to be something.

  • I'm long.

  • I'm not interested in playing roles off things that I don't believe in.

  • I love the idea of Banksy because we don't know who it is, and we don't know if it is a male semen or how many here.

  • And who's to say that Captain Black be wasn't once a woman dressed in discard way?

  • Don't know these things.

  • So, you know, to take out any anchor in a niche subculture like a you know, one waited in gender equality or thief are mental political issues are social political issues are being, uh, you know, said Race or being set in gender.

  • I've stripped it on me.

  • It's convenient for me being white and, you know, Western to be able to go.

  • Hey, I've got no banker in any you know, you know, under doll situation.

  • But I feel insane.

  • Way of painting a square format, it takes out suggestive, uh, it's harsh.

  • It's hard to paint with no basis in.

  • I have an issue or no basis in landscape.

  • You know, there's no it's you in the ring and and it is about the work.

  • It's spent the work, and I'd rather be taken out of the equation when it comes to consider if the works okay, I think that every general have sexual, uh, you know, months said it's that's convenient.

  • Leave from my point of privilege.

  • Take me out of the equation.

  • Don't stay here.

  • That's how I'm entertained by the fact that people can maintain lifestyles and livings by making images.

  • So, you know, I'm thankful for ads in the sense that they're employing creatives on dhe, their objectives of selling products that isn't even part of anything of a problem with thing I've got a problem with is, uh, I'm not really that certain organizations or franchises, you know, you have on the face raping off off civilians every day, and I just want to jump in when I just get in on it.

  • So I just, you know, I feel like a part of advertising, but I'm just I'm not selling anything.

  • I feel I feel like I'm kind of done anything.

  • I'm selling an idea of reclaiming space, too.

  • The public, if anyone even notices what I'm doing, but I'm sure no one's even watching.

  • Yeah, okay, so it's about taking space back.

  • Um, but Xena suffer people it sze No, it's not for me.

  • It's really just do something on board, just board up and I've got a problem with thes loud things screaming at me all the time.

  • You know, if I'm in a taxi, takes a lot of energy to say hey, can pretend ads off, Leave the music on If there's music and cause just the descent detective ization has gone along with with assimilating to an environment that's constantly screamed nonsense.

  • And you, uh, yeah, I mean, it can be exhausting Dar I'm not.

  • I'm not desensitized to it.

  • So actually get annoyed.

  • Are still turning offer or skip that ad and the five second tour after wait to skip out on YouTube.

  • It's very it's very pensive.

  • Uh, on, uh, full of anxiety moment for me.

  • I get very bored and I get very if yeah, look, if that fight can't hurry and add along that that bull is me.

  • And I guess that's what I want to take out of my environment.

  • I'm just glad creatives are being employed to be creative because, you know, painters and designers, visual people of my of my kind were, you know, we've seen replaced by tools since the birth of the industrial Revolution.

  • So you know, anywhere that a creative king not build a weapon, and you know that started war, then I'm almost four, you know.

  • Oh, sure.

  • Everyone should get more money for your acts of creativity.

  • For sure, it was way too much money tree.

  • There's way too much money in defense and proactive respect.

  • I like your eyes more and it's got to do with a lot of things.

  • But it's beautiful, touristy shit.

  • Museums and shift seeing actual physical pieces of art that being the bridges off movements and civilizations.

  • Fucking fascinating to see, like Roman history, Egyptian is returning to Rome in his free time.

  • You know this, you know, to see the bridges of style like fucking you.

  • You people built this ship.

  • It's trip.

  • It's a real trick to see it.

  • This is the city that he studied in.

  • This is the city desk, Definitely inspired by she would always have been had the museum right there.

  • And Thio, you know, just know the history of him being here.

  • I felt like it was fitting, you know, it's kind of an ode to do fortune of anybody in any city.

  • It should be.

  • I mean, ideally, the one they leave, you know, born in or something.

  • I think I wasn't gonna be.

  • Wasn't he in the same class of a year that Hitler would have Bean enrolled in that Hitler denied from being in at school so easy?

  • I got in and hit My got denied.

  • So he lived in boarding house.

  • There's a men's houses until he joined the war or something, right?

  • And she, like, went on to make paintings of little girls.

  • And I like the girls more war.

  • What do you do?

  • I really love Can Havana and then went to a museum.

wait your mother in a dream.


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