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  • Hello this is Andrea Cairella Licensed Professional Counselor and Relationship Consultant on True

  • Potential TV the place where you can nurture your relationship, transform your life, and

  • enhance your wellbeing. Today we have a question from Heather and

  • she writes, I procrastinate and getting easily distracted by low priority tasks and put off

  • important tasks until the last minute? I tend to set such high and unrealistic expectations

  • for myself that my endless list of tasks leaves me feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Can

  • you help me get a jump start to overcoming procrastination so I know how to avoid procrastination?

  • Thank you Heather for your question, and if any of you out there are tired of being in

  • overdrive going 100 mph and would like to recharge your batteries, you have come to

  • the right place. These helpful tips will steer you back down Time Management Highway so you

  • know how to overcome procrastination immediately and begin enjoying the scenery along the way.

  • One way to overcoming procrastination is: 1. Rate Your Current Time Management Skills-

  • On a scale from 1- 10, 1= no time management skills and 10= excellent time management skills,

  • rate the level of your current time management proficiency and then a description for each

  • subsequent level. For example, if your score is 5 you might describe the next number 6

  • as gaining awareness of what distracts you, learn how to redirect yourself, track how

  • you spend your time, and eliminate time wasters. Continue describing each number all the way

  • to 10. Since you have to know where you are going on the map in order to get to your destination,

  • creating a clear idea of where you want to go is an important first step.

  • How you can avoid procrastination is to: 2. Limit Yourself To 3 To-Do's Per Day: Often

  • when we are learning to manage our time or learning anything new and different, we need

  • to start small and practice the basic fundamentals. By limiting yourself to 3 to-do's you will

  • learn how to both set realistic expectations and lay down the basic foundations to this

  • new way of managing your time effectively. You can know how to overcome procrastination

  • by: 3. Track How You Are Currently Spending Your

  • Time- There are only 24 hours in a day, Once you subtract sleeping (8 hours), preparing

  • and eating 3 meals (3 hours) , getting ready for the day and bedtime (1-2 hours), self-care

  • time (1 hour) and getting to and from work, school, etc. (1-2 hours) there is really only

  • 10 hours left approximately. Take a couple of days and track how you are currently spending

  • your time and see where you can eliminate potential time consuming pitfalls.

  • 4. Eliminate Time Wasters- You can overcome procrastination by becoming consciously aware

  • of all the distracting time wasters that exist in your life. For example, surfing the internet

  • and responding to emails. Begin by setting a time limit for internet surfing and only

  • check your emails 1 time per day. By creating boundaries around these low-priority distractions,

  • you will begin to not only complete your top priority tasks but also be more focused and

  • empowered. 5. Prioritize Your Tasks At The Beginning

  • Of The Day- How you can avoid procrastination is by taking just 10 minutes in the morning

  • (or the night before) to decide your top priority tasks for the day, you will reduce low-priority

  • distractions and time wasters that steer you off course down Procrastination Lane.

  • 6. Set Time Limits On Tasks And Stick To Them- Set realistic time limits for each task and

  • if the clock strikes and the task is incomplete move on to the next task. Although it may

  • be anxiety provoking for some perfectionists out there to move onto the next task when

  • the previous task remains incomplete, this will be a helpful tool to change your self-sabotaging

  • behavior and to become more a disciplined, accountable and effective time manager.

  • 7. Learn To Say No- You can't do it all and you have to say no sometimes. Saying yes solely

  • out of guilt, obligation or fear of disappointing others are not good reasons for saying yes.

  • A starting point for learning to say no is developing assertiveness skills. You can begin

  • to assert yourself by telling the person or yourself that you need some time to think

  • about it. This will allow you to stop saying yes based on emotions and begin to start saying

  • yes OR no after careful evaluation. By allowing yourself some time to get into a calm and

  • clear state of mind you can more rationally evaluate the pros and cons of saying yes or

  • no. 8. Make Time For Fun- It is important to keep

  • in mind that life is not just about tasks and work, but also about play time. If you

  • deny yourself the simple pleasures of life and don't create specific blocks of time for

  • joyful and stress reducing activities, you will often feel depleted of energy and may

  • unconsciously sabotage your efforts when you are in work mode. It is vital to your overall

  • well-being to have some down time where you can take a break, slow down, and enjoy the

  • scenery. For example, take 5 minutes various times throughout the day to take a walk outside,

  • stretch or practice a relaxation exercise. Get your body moving by exercising and releasing

  • some of the built up stress in your body. Nurture yourself by taking a warm bath or

  • preparing a healthy meal for yourself. Recharge your batteries with a funny movie or just

  • spending time with people who make you laugh. Now I'd love to hear from you. How have you

  • overcome procrastination? How did you avoid procrastination? Share your stories tips and

  • suggestions. As always the best stuff always happens after the episode over at

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  • time on True Potential TV.

Hello this is Andrea Cairella Licensed Professional Counselor and Relationship Consultant on True


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