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  • if you weren't I mean, an artist.

  • What do you think, Virgin?

  • Did I say that?

  • Fine line is the sound of a 25 year old navigating having sex feeling set?

  • I would probably agree with that.

  • I think I'll look back on.

  • The time of making this album was like, very fund period of my life.

  • Just because I feel like I learned so much about myself probably look to do with having time to do that.

  • I think I took a little longer to make the album every album I made before that was done pretty fast in this kind of turned into about a year.

  • So, um, there was a lot of time to sit and think and love times like self reflection adore you to me is about, like that initial excitement off meeting someone, and you kind of excited by them.

  • I guess it's like the honeymoon period of kind of dating balling is about gang, right before a place that you recognize is like a low for you.

  • You know, you kind of feel yourself falling back into that down period.

  • I guess on, uh, being sad about what you've lost warm Alan Sugar is about definitely like the euphoria off kind of being in love with someone.

  • It's similar, I guess, to do it.

  • But it's more about the kind of all encompassing like visceral euphoria of being someone know what he starts seeing someone and just kind of like wanting to immerse yourself in them.

if you weren't I mean, an artist.


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ハリー・スタイルズ、セックス、悲しみ、自己反省の「ファイン・ライン」の旅へ。 (Harry Styles on his 'Fine Line' journey of sex, sadness and self-reflection.)

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