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  • When I look out my window There’s so many sights to see

  • When I look out I see a system that has us living like the

  • animals we eat Living a life that’s incomplete

  • They feed corn to the fish, and soy to the people whose bodies can’t break it down

  • Wait up now, I ain’t all glum Party people give the planet some

  • I Rock to the rhythm of the earth on it’s axis tilted

  • In the soul of the winter, i'm as kinetic as summer

  • Funky drummer thunder, kicks that bottom Birds speak in numbers, the winds speaks in

  • reverb

  • The sun reveals the forgotten 50 year old people haven’t instinctively

  • learned how to recognize the time of day (Hey, What time is it anyway?)

  • I see myself as part of the world’s wealth Equally part of the problem with a solution

  • to better health Who am I to trust? No one else.

  • Life is more peaceful when I keep to myself I like the sound of <> when playing my video

  • games Not really interested in knowing someone’s

  • name Might shake a hand to a shaky man, looking

  • away In a shaky stance his fingers dance, he licks

  • his lips, maybe he’s gay Just that way, pray into my palm move on,

  • manifest my day I know I want my life to go a certain way

  • But laws placed by we telling us that we can’t be free

  • Not even certain laws, more like levels of dependencies

  • Performing daily tasks has created destructive tendencies

  • See what I see

  • When I look out my window There’s so many sights to see

  • I see birds, bees, oceans and trees, sun and beautiful clouds floating

  • City blocks exploding with laughter and notions Po-po are the harassers, just hoping a young

  • brother act out of order So they can grab the baton and pistol, and

  • turn into Sargent Slaughter Handcuff a big black beast of a man

  • Feed him bread and tap water to achieve the plan

  • But I'll leave it alone Don’t want men in black, with a plan to

  • kidnap Walking into my home, it’s dis-like the

  • sensation, of beating a federal agent’s face in, alllll night

  • I did it in fright, I ain’t the violent type,

  • I believe flowers should be allowed to grow, and not picked for personal joy

  • Looking out my one way window Shows people and me treat earth like a toy

  • Wars overseas are a big decoy I see peace keeping military units deployed

  • Secrets in the shadows that civilians avoid Hierarchies of government that were meant

  • to be destroyed word? word.

When I look out my window There’s so many sights to see


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