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  • Impassive Moon.

  • She would come to me at midnight,

  • pale beneath the moon.

  • Moon hair, moon skin,

  • angel faced.

  • The sharp tongued brat

  • would cuss and rail her own compulsive need.

  • Having punished us both sufficiently

  • she would find excuse to make up,

  • worming beneath the sheets

  • with even shoes unremoved!

  • Perplexed, flattered,

  • needing her like life itself I of course

  • received her warmly.

  • This gorgeous hussy, angel of mercy

  • would descend upon my aching need,

  • fencing through the night, our passion revealed

  • beneath the naked moon's impassive witness.

  • Etched in my mind

  • her nocturnal ramblings' haunt, hurt,

  • hope me.

  • This sore confusion

  • has drained me, remade me.

  • First seen from a dream

  • oh. so long ago,

  • suddenly there she was,

  • the little glow worm of a friend,

  • sister, lover.

  • Yet pains' eclipse sated memory's bliss.

  • I cannot rise above this thing, do not

  • really want to.

  • Am I to be all sky, stars, lofty planets' circling?

  • Will not the Earth receive me,

  • know me for what

  • I AM.

  • You are that fecund Earth in whose gyrations I am interwoven.

  • Winter's orbit transits a chaotic solstice,

  • but spring comes around again.

  • I shall send forth my golden-silver rays to penetrate your hair cloud

  • those blue lagoons' your eyes.

  • Your mountains and your valleys, your soft, moaning places

  • will move and open to receive me.

  • I shall fulfil your deepest yearning, strike my lightning to your

  • becoming

  • mingle and fuse you me.

  • I love you,

  • yet am still above you.

Impassive Moon.


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ロアーク・ワトソン ポエトリー・ライブ - インパッシヴ・ムーン (Roark Watson Poetry Live - Impassive Moon)

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