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  • you don't have your mother.

  • Four child Son way, Theo Way.

  • Wait, I wait.

  • That's you.

  • Oh, my God.

  • You I gotta take Yeah, A little time to think things over.

  • I'm gonna read between his town case.

  • Sandy went because like a lot on my shoulder through the clouds I see love shine keeps me warm ass life It's called, uh, in my it again I want my God I pray be and watch us where go help us to be in times when way just with you Wait, This is when I said all my doubts t moons on their way Give me this smooth makes sense Wait Love dreaming, scheming and screaming Come on, This is the day.

  • See it now.

  • Times comes to prove to them I made it on my way s DJ Booth while Mr Jules Oh, you I could feel like like I've never seen a sky four I want to vanish inside your kiss every day I love you more Listen to my Can you hear it?

  • Thio?

you don't have your mother.


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NEVER HEARD BEFORE SOUNDは心を温めてくれる。 (NEVER HEARD BEFORE SOUND warms The Voice coaches hearts)

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