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  • Romans did know.

  • Kiss it so fine.

  • Romance, my friend.

  • This is should be like a couple of hot tomato.

  • You are as cold as yesterday's mashed potato.

  • By romance.

  • You won't nestle of fine romance.

  • You won't, Russell.

  • I might as well play bridge with my old maid on.

  • I haven't got a chance.

  • This is a roll.

  • Bad with romance, my friend.

  • This is to be like that way just is like the parts of us.

  • It's powder.

  • Yes.

  • Rumen with glitches off romance with Just let it out.

  • I haven't got it.

  • This is a viral I romance, my dear touch, Who need rascals school?

  • Not really that I helped drive.

  • You know, James, we don't have have to go through that much money.

  • My romantic.

  • My good walk.

  • My strong it in the woods.

  • Woman never gave the orchid.

  • I said a glass.

  • No, this is my room.

Romans did know.


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ファイン・ロマンス - アリア・ショーカット、ジェームズ・ウィリアムズ (A Fine Romance - Alia Shawkat, James Williams)

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