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  • Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the chain on today we have some more news about the upcoming allegedly free to play battery out mode for cold to the modern warfare.

  • So it turns out that some players have been able to glitch into the war zone training facility and play it.

  • And then there we got to learn a lot about the new drop kid system as well as the plunder system that is going to be a key feature within cold to the war zone.

  • So plunder is basically going to be cash if you guys ever played Bao Field.

  • Hard line.

  • It's a very similar system where all through the war zone battery out map, you're going to go pick up stacks of cash in addition to things like weapons, attachments and perks.

  • This cash is going to be very important because throughout different areas of the map, they're going to be what are called supply stations.

  • These air stations, where you can go and spend your plunder and get very powerful items in upgrades.

  • As a reward, one of grade is going to be the ability to bring your teammate back.

  • If you guys ever played apex legends.

  • And you know, when your teammate dies, you go over there and grab their tag.

  • Hopefully, before you die as well.

  • And if you take that tied to a specific area, you can revive them.

  • They can come back and continue playing well.

  • The same feature is basically going to being called to the war zone as well.

  • If you have the cash and you make it to a supply station, you can revive dead teammates, which is definitely a very interesting feature.

  • In addition to being able to bring back your teammates, you can also purchase armor plates, which appear to be sort of similar to the armor system that we saw back in blackout.

  • But you can also purchase a gas mask, which is going to help you survive outside the circle, as you guys saw during the season.

  • To cinematic, the circle for war zone is going to be a giant green wall of smoke, and the gas mask is going to help you survive out there.

  • You can purchase a precision there straight a shield turrets a cluster strike a U A.

  • V, which sounds insane, right?

  • Remember the sensor dart back in black out how powerful that was.

  • But you can purchase the entire U A.

  • V, which I assume is I could be up for very long.

  • But it's going to show everybody within the area, which definitely sounds very powerful, and we also have a munitions box as well as a drop kids marker.

  • So the drop kit marker is incredibly interesting because faggot the main menu for war zone, you essentially have a create quiet system where you can make 10 different classes, complete with weapons perks, secondaries, as was lethal on tactical grenades.

  • When you purchase a dropkick marker at a supply station with your plunder, you essentially called in like you would a care package.

  • And when you open that care package, it allows you to pick.

  • Wouldn't be 10 class that upset you put together back at the main menu, and then you are immediately equipped with those weapons and those perks.

  • This is obviously going to be incredibly powerful because you can automatically get the weapons and the perks that you want, instead of relying on luck and trying to find them out with in the war zone map itself.

  • Now, based on the footage of the train facility that we have seen so far, which, by the way, there's currently a video up over on the gaming revolutions.

  • Channel a polling to that down the description based on that footage.

  • Right now, it's unclear whether or not you conserve attachments on your weapons for your drop, Kate, or if you're gonna have to go out there and find the attachments yourselves, maybe take the attachments off your current weapon and equip them to your new weapon.

  • But either way, I do find it very interesting that we have this plunder in supply station system, and I think it's going to make the war zone boundary al mode very, very interesting and nothing at all like we saw back in blackout.

  • Now rumor has it that the war zone map itself is going to be massive.

  • Rumor has it that is going to be holding anywhere from 152 to 200 players.

  • So having things like the precision airstrike and the cluster strike, and of course, the U.

  • A.

  • V playing a factor is something that I'm really looking forward to when it comes to the war zone game mode.

  • I first heard about war zone.

  • Like most people, I assumed it was going to be really similar to black out, but with a modern warfare twist.

  • But it looks like that's not the case.

  • It looks like it's going to be a way different game mode as compared to black out, and I'm definitely looking forward to being able to experience it for myself.

  • As always, I will do my best to keep you guys posted with more details as soon as they become available.

  • But for right now, that's all the new information that we currently have.

  • I'm going to be wrapping up today's video.

  • I would love to know down the comments.

  • What do you guys think of the plunder and supply station system that called the board son is going to be implementing Please even thought to be back down the comments.

  • Thank you so much for listening.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the chain on today we have some more news about the upcoming allegedly free to play battery out mode for cold to the modern warfare.


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