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A Muppet Mobile Lab animatronic show Muppet Mobile Line isn't listed on the park's Times guide, but according to a Disney cast member on a recent visit to the park, the show performs three times a day around 10 a.m. 12 noon and 2 p.m. Behind Spaceship Earth Fresh.
All right, everybody, we're going to do our demonstration right in this area, so feel like there's a lot of partial shade, their first things like being barred by shrapnel doused with water or radiation, you know, Good.
Thank you.
Let's get this thing started.
Everyone, please gather around because it is time to have fun with science.
Many years I've created inventions to make everyone's life easier than that.
Right, Beaker?
We've been invited by Mr Mickey Mouse himself to share some of the groundbreaking more going on at Muppet Labs and to get you excited about science.
So everybody, Are you excited about science?
Let cheerio.
Now to bring the thrill the lab directly to you.
I've been in this most remarkable eagle introducing the Muppet.
Thank you for that unsolicited applause.
It fuels our passion for science.
Unfortunately, Baker's passion seems to be out of gas.
You see, well, Speaker has decided to leave Muppet Labs.
E guess it's no secret that my relationship with her very much he's always been my best friends to see you go.
Meeker do buddy.
All right, because that's enough crying, crying and science folks.
Dina, I may not see my colleague Beaker for a long time because his bags were packed and he is decided to take a long trip.
But as I always say, science makes your life easier.
And that's why this next invention is perfect for beakers.
Big trip.
I'm very proud to share with you.
Vacation Tron?
Yes, With the vacation Tron, you can go to exotic locales instantly and never have to pack a suitcase.
Allow me to demonstrate.
This experiment is a safe is anything we have ever done in public labs.
Your ego pushed her off a merry old London, England.
And it can't be love without Paul.
Yes, that's right.
That is so you won't even know you're not really.
Next is Alaska.
That's right.
I scold Alaska, where the temperature cools and snow is all around bigger.
Honestly, it's only snow that stop is Africa.
Oh, yes, that's right.
After I see the most famous waterfall in the entire world, Victoria Falls Yes, game is that it's misty, right?
And then we traveled to into these years.
That's right, the country that has more volcanoes than anywhere else in the way from that booth.
Very nice way.
Our trip around the world in under a minute and 1/2 isn't science fund.
Everybody let me hear you.
The experiment made you want to leave all the more that well, everyone looks like bigger really is leaving Muppet Labs.
We'll begin the search for his replacement soon.
But first bigger.
I think it would be fitting for you to share some parting words with us everyone.
Would you like to hear Beaker say what's in his heart?
Yeah, I figured he's hurt that.
Let's cheer him on.
Be alright, Beaker.
The floor is yours.
I never heard you so articulate April.
It wasn't that fantastic.
Hey, who was deeply affected by speaker speech and see a show of hands here?
You You were You know what, dude?
Let's speak to one of these adults who was moved by.
What Baker had to say just now.
Like to talk to someone here.
Nice to meet you.
My name is Dr Bunsen.
What is your name?
Did you say Sarah?
Nice to meet you, Sarah.
What was your favorite part of a bigger speech?
Namely me, Right?
It's all downhill from that meeting.
me, though.
That's true.
You know, that's exactly how I felt.
In fact, Sarah, judging by the fact we're on the same wavelength here, you might have the makings of a future laboratory assistant.
But I do have a few questions for you.
Stay right.
Where you from?
Me tell.
It's true.
It shook the accent decades ago.
And, uh, what's your favorite color?
Me, too.
It's not easy, like in green Sarah.
And then one thing.
What's your middle name?
So No.
No, it's not.
But you know what?
That's my cat's name.
Oh, ladies and gentlemen, the search is over.
Let's cheer for my good lab assistant and my new best friend.
What's your name again?
Say, what is this still Sarah?
Did you change it?
Ah, a little bit louder.
Well, if your name is Sarah, let's call you Sarah.
That's her name.
All right, Speaker.
You could come down from there now.
We found your replacement, Einstein, Help!
Bigger down from the ledge.
Don't be so jealous, Speaker.
It's what you wanted.
Don't you remember?
Stop spinning the last speaker.
This is what you wanted?
Sarah's going to peddle the lab all the way around up today.
You mean you've changed your mind?
Way about the good people of England.
Wait a second.
I thought you wanted to leave.
You want to stay?
You mean it?
Well, that's wonderful news.
I knew you'd never leave me maker.
Oh, happy day.
Oh, dear.
I have some bad news for you.
The position has been filled.
But let's Sarah.
I know someday, somewhere in England, you'll make someone a wonderful laboratory assistant.
All right, Give her a hand for her today.
And let's cheer for beaker to beakers back.
Everybody is if you've never left it all.
Well, maybe together we could show these fine folks one last invention before we leave.
What do you say?
Everyone to show much fun size could be Yes.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, you want to have your recording devices is standing by because for those of you affected by the onset of colds and allergies, I'm excited to introduce.
Yes, yes, we did help with the anti sees.
Ray Stevens will soon become the thing of the past.
With the help of beaker here, who will be our test subject now?
I simply pull this lever to dust, and then we had just a little bit of cayenne pepper to the mixture.
There we are, bigger.
We should feel their sixties right about now.
But don't worry.
The mighty invisible beams from this powerful Reagan will stop that.
Steve's dead in its tracks, observed Beaker.
Didn't stay.
That works there.
She's really works well outside of pics of this invention may include losing our wardrobe wear now.
Thank you for being such a wonderful audience.
Give yourselves a round of applause for being such a wonderful crowd with special thanks to Sarah and all of our other audience members here today.
Oh, beaker, I've got a gift for you having a clothing Stabler don't.
So have you seen Muppet Mobile line before?
And are you Team Beaker or Team Dr Bunsen Honeydew?
Leave a comment on below and start a conversation.
If you have any videos from the Disney Park, so you'd like to share with us to be used in future videos.
Follow the link in the description below.


Muppet Mobile Lab Full Animatronic Show- Walt Disney World

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