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Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video.
Now we buy a lot of treat peces here on this channel.
But I never really talk about the process of selling them something that I also do quite a lot off, because after I've tested these machines, they've obviously got to go to their new home.
I wish I had the room to keep everything I build, but unfortunately, that is not the reality.
Now, sometimes I'll sell these pieces on as a whole computer or I'll break them down.
And so each component individually and I wanted to talk about that today.
This is a system that I recently purchased off the Facebook marketplace for £60.
Inside this thing, we had an FX 4300 eight Gigs of Ram, a 128 gigabyte SST as well was 500 gigs of storage.
But it did come with a G force to 10 graphics card.
Now, anyone who's had experience with the G force to 10 will know that it's a pretty shocking piece of kit and will struggle to run modern games not only because of how weak is but because it suffers from a direct X 10 limitation as well on dhe as we move forward, Most games now use either DX 11 or D X 12 Now.
This PC was in a different case when I purchased it, and it was advertised as a gaming PC.
I wasn't 100% sure on the specs.
I knew that process that in the RAM amount, but the graphics card was just described as a one gig in video card.
So I took the plunge, purchased the PC.
I think £60 was a fair price, considering we didn't get that AMG ethics process er on DDE decent enough memory.
But today I'm gonna be talking about my experiences selling this.
First of all, we must see how this so called gaming system actually runs games.
And yes, it isn't a brilliant experience.
So I decided to start off going quite easy on the PC, and I fired up a game from 2005 called Gun.
This is an absolute classic Western title on dhe.
It will certainly tide me over until Red Dead redemption to comes to the PC.
In all seriousness, though, this is really a fantastic classic to play and as you can see here we have crank things up to the high settings with a full screen resolution thick.
So it is running at 10.
80 p.
And the gang is Captain 30 F.
Because I believe the PC version is a direct port from the PlayStation two.
And this was also an Xbox 360 launch title as well as you can see here has no trouble maintaining the 30 f p.
S cap most off the time at full HD.
Now, one of my most favorite call of duty, Gaines has to be the original black ops ice to play this all the time on the PlayStation three on Dhe here.
I'm using the absolute lowest settings at 7 20 p resolution in order to get the game to run with at least 30 frames per second.
Now, if you want 60 f p.
S, I imagine you'll have to turn the resolution down even lower, perhaps to 800 by 600.
But if you're happy with 30 here, then the frame rate seems to hold steady.
In all honesty, the game doesn't look much worse on low compared to high, so you're not really missing much graphics wise, and I think in a first person shooter like this, it's just important to get as many frames as possible, especially if you're playing online, where fast reactions are a necessity.
Next up, I tried fallout.
New Vegas Probably my favorite fallout game in the series.
It's either that wall fallout three on Dhe.
Let's just say the in game launcher was being a little optimistic when it first recognized my graphics card.
I don't think medium settings are really going to go well here now.
What I didn't realize is that I still had an E N B graphics mode installed, so the game ended up looking like this nonetheless, as you can see by the performance metrics, it still ran quite well.
But I thought I'd keep this result in here just to show you that.
Yes, Fallout.
New Vegas will run on a G force to 10 in orderto hit 30 frames per second in Grand Theft Auto four.
I had to turn the resolution down to 800 by 600 lower the game settings all the way.
As you can see here now, this is version one point no 1.0.4 point Oh, I downgraded it from the latest version, which is 1.8, I believe, simply because I made that graphics mode video the other day and all of my mods work best on this version of the game.
And it's also the best looking version of the game, according to a few articles, too.
But it does have an issue where it won't recognize GP use with over three gigs of Iran.
Still, that doesn't really matter when the 2 10 has one gig of DDR three.
Thankfully, these settings were enough for us to average 30.
Finally, it's fault Night again still runs on D X 10.1 graphics cards.
Even though I did have to turn things all the way down here now, the game was actually running at 10 80 p, with a 25% resolution scale on everything set too low just to ensure we got the most out of this one.
As you can see, it wasn't exactly a fantastic experience, but the game did touch 30 f ps in some instances, namely when we went indoors, just like call of duty.
This is an ideal because this is a fast placed online shooter, and the last thing you want is continuous dropped frames.
You might actually be better using river tuna to cap the game at 30 f.
S when using a card like this to avoid some of the Stata that might occur should the game shoot above and below 30 on some occasions.
Last of all, I gave sinner bench ar 15 a quick test just to check out the multicourse score.
And as you can see, it came in just below 1/4 Court X 96 50 which is pretty ancient.
The FX 4300 here was never really praised along with most of the aim the FX chips, but they still could do an OK job today, especially the FX 8000 Siri's, which I tested in the system not long ago.
So now that you've seen it performed, I want to talk about my experience selling this machine now.
I wanted to try and keep all of the components as original as possible.
I don't want to spend any more money on this.
I just wanted to see if we could sell it and make a profit as it is.
I did, however, move everything into a new case because the old one was falling apart, and I don't think it would have arrived at its new home in one piece.
Hadn't I have swapped the case over?
Plus, I think a good looking case is one of the main things that helps sell PCs at this price point.
For example, if you look at some of those ultrafast gaming ones on eBay, the ones with the court G 47 tens, you'll see that they often have decent looking cases.
And I think the people who buy those aren't really gamers.
They just cheat peces that people buy because they're half the price that they find 14 in a store.
It seems to be that if you've got a good looking case, decent storage capacity or an SSD on your PC includes windows, then you're guaranteed to sell it, providing it's priced well enough.
And so that's the market I try to target here.
I bought it as a gaming PC, but I didn't sell it as one colors.
I'm making a video like this is because I do get quite a few questions regarding setting Pixies, people ask me, is it a good idea toe start doing this as a hobby for a bit of cash on the side, or even with the hope of turning into a full time business.
And I think the best way to do it is target the everyday basic users with cheaper PCs that profits are smaller, but you'll probably see ah, higher sales volume.
So he's the ad I wrote for this computer.
Are you looking for an ultrafast gaming PC?
Well, keep looking.
What this PC lax and gaming capability it makes up for in everyday performance on his ideal for the everyday general user.
The 120 gig S s Day also ensures snappy boot times on the 500 gig.
Backup drive means that you can stall plenty of what's important to you.
This machine also takes advantage of a quad core and the FX 4300 process sir and eight gigs of Memory.
Aunt has Windows 10 professional pre installed and ready to go so you can use your new PC straight out of the box.
The one Gigi forced to 10 graphics card, as shocking as it is at playing games, can, however, handle HD video just fine.
So well, you can't play any modern gains.
You can watch other people play them on YouTube instead with crisp high def clarity.
Also pre installed on this PC is Google Crime in Open Office, which allows you to create word documents, edit spreadsheets and design presentations with ease.
Any questions?
Please don't hesitate to ask.
See, I wrote.
And I'd like that because it combines what I thought was a little bit of comedy with just good old fashioned honesty.
If you try and play games on this machine, it's not gonna do very well.
But for everyday use, it's pretty good.
In the end, we have a PC that looks good on the outside, has a lot of storage and comes with Windows 10 plus Google crime and Open Office preinstalled.
I think the promise of some extra bundled software also entices people in, even though this is free software accessible to anyone.
So the question is, did this PC cell?
I'm happy to reveal that yes, it did.
I put this on gallantry, eBay and shock and eventually ended up selling to someone local on Gum Tree for £140 I had it out for 1 50 They handled me down a little bit, and I was more than happy to accept the offer, considering it cost me around £95 in total after I swapped it into a new case.
So we've made a little bit of a prophet air £45 on Dhe.
Our PC has gone to a new home where I'm sure it will be very happy with all that said, Thank you very much for watching.
This has been a bit different.
I wanted to look at things from the selling perspective as opposed to the buying perspective.
I hope you guys have enjoyed this video.
Let me know if you buy and sell p season, how well you do, whether it is your full time occupation or whether you do it for a little bit of side cash leva like on this video.
If you enjoyed it, leave it.
It's like if you didn't subscribe to the channel, if you haven't done so already and hopefully I'll say I'll sell you all in the next one.
I'll see.
I'll see you all in the next one.
I've been recording what's happened to the camera break.
Uh, what you doing?
Oh, Oh, God!
Ah ah!


Trying to sell a Cheap GeForce 210 "Gaming PC" For a Profit!

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