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Hi, guys.
Welcome back to my channel today.
We are gonna talk about hygiene tips.
This is something that you guys voted on having a video about.
So I'm really looking forward to cover a few tips and tricks that I use.
And there I recommend to make sure that we smell feel and look.
Look, if you guys are new to the channel, welcome to the family.
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It's fun there.
Like the fun stuff.
So the first category I wanna cover is feminine.
Hajji, this is something that we all kind of know from our mothers and grandmothers or other, like, female influence in our lives.
But what if they like soccer this information and we don't know enough.
First of all, I hope you all know that we just need to wash kind of the external part of our individual.
Ah, lot of us are using commercial soaps or body wash to wash our feminine area.
What happens when you use perfume soaps is that you really alter the pH balance of your vaginal area, which is not a good thing either use plain and un perfumed soaps or their other products on the market that are literally designed for that area.
One of them is a company that I just discovered that's called a deal, Doc.
It's just a line that is strictly made for the intimate area.
This is a daily intimate washed.
It was actually developed by gynecologist, which is great.
So having something like that or using a plain regular, so is a good idea.
That other tape that I think is extremely important is probiotic.
What it does is it helps with fighting bacteria and fungal infections in the vagina.
So if you are prone to infections, probiotics will be an amazing amazing supplement to introduce other sources for probiotics can comfort foods such a cell crowd, kombucha and caffeine.
So definitely try to get that into your diet.
And, most importantly, make sure that you're keeping a healthy balance of bacteria in your vaginal area.
The next category is keeping our shoes fresh.
There is nothing more unattractive than having a odor from your shoes, and easy hock to do is putting green teabags into your shoes after you wear them that will really help to get all that smell out and freshen up the shoes.
Another thing that's very easy to make that I made a few times is just a spray bottle idealize, sanitizer and spray to really keep the lean and kill bacteria and old.
It consist of its tea, tree oil, peppermint oil and a few other essential oils that you could just mix up and spray in your shoes to make sure you keeping them fresh.
I'm gonna put the recipe in my description box super easy to do and really, really handy.
The other thing that I only started using in the past year, our circuits, I wear sneakers all at the time I would just put them on their feet, which is kind of gross, actually.
And then a friend of mine told me about these cats, which is basically like a mini version of socks that you can use.
Guys, I'm doing this while pregnant Well, good travel area, and these are completely hidden with your sneakers.
Gary started wearing these as well started stealing mind of very stretchable.
We are big fans of the circuits, so if you're not with it, get with it next category is skin held, especially our face so important.
I hope I don't need to tell you that you have to take your makeup off every night.
Please put yourself in such a habit where it doesn't matter, Rainer shy.
You always take off your makeup before you go to sleep, especially your mascara, because not only does it damage your lashes, but it can also build up in your eyelids and can cause health issues.
One thing that I absolutely adore that changed the whole washing.
My makeup off thing was this magic eraser.
I hope that's name of it.
It looks dirty, but it's not.
It's just a lot of use here.
This is fresh.
I think if there are nights where I'm just, like, completely fed up and I don't have the energy to really do like a whole routine, I used my cleansing oil and I'll put hot water in here and just literally put it on my face and the makeup just slides off for the lazy girls out there that are getting home late, even keeping just makeup.
What and Miss Alert Water by your nightstand will help a lot.
At least you'll be able to take some of this off.
The next thing is pillowcase.
We're not washing our pillow cases often and knuckle the stuff that we put on our skin is getting transferred to it, and then we sleep on it night after night after night, it grows bacteria.
Nick, you want to make sure that you wash it every like 2 to 3 days.
Honestly, another thing that I was recommend is to offer a silk pillowcase.
It's much softer for the skin.
It actually helps with preventing any wrinkles.
The next best thing will be a cotton pillowcase, just to make sure it's a bridgeable fabric.
And it doesn't draw Moshe from your face.
Next category is hair removal.
This is a category that I get asked a lot of questions about.
I personally wax my bikini area, but I do shave my under arms and my legs.
First of all, before you start shaving soap and warm bath, or stand in the shower for about five minutes just to really open up.
Your hair follicles have never, ever, ever shave on dry skin.
Just you're gonna have bumps.
You gonna have irritation avoided at all costs.
The next thing that I like to do is to gently exfoliate before I actually get to the shaving process, either with any exfoliating creams that you have, Or dry brush is so gently dry brushing any areas they were really how to make sure that you're gonna get a smooth and close shape.
I did a little research online, and a lot of people are using oils to shape.
So coconut oil a sam use olive oil?
I wouldn't recommend olive oil.
I think it might clock pores, but coconut oil could be a great alternative to soft in the hair before you shave.
Once you are done shaving, please make sure that you don't wear any kind clothes.
You want to make sure that you let that area breathing when we put our clothing, especially underwear on it can cause ingrown hair.
It can cause irritation, and we want to avoid all of that.
Last but not least, is keeping dry.
It's hard for girls out there.
Things are getting sweaty everywhere, so always recommend in your backpack to have either intimate wives or body wives that you can use in case you know you need to freshen up a little deodorant.
I always buy travel deodorants with me, and I put them in my bag.
Most of our sweating really happens when we are working out, or, like, you know, doing any sort of activity.
Really want to invest in your workout clothes?
A lot of the cheap ones are made from not readable.
Fabrics really try to stick to readable fabrics.
They're a little more pricey, but it's worth the investment that also applies outside of working out.
When it's really hot outside, opt for readable fabrics.
Something makes you feel comfortable.
One of the problems that I absolutely love wearing during the summer with clothes T shirts, um, and underwear is cotton.
Cotton is very readable.
It actually allows the air to circulate and absorb sweat and makes your dry some of the fabrics that you definitely want to avoid.
Our Lycra and other synthetic materials like nylon.
They can actually promote these growth.
I did mention that silk was amazing for a pillowcase, but you want to avoid silk in the summers.
If you are prone to sweating for the girls out there that are experiencing boob, sweat, guy, sweat and all the others went there so many powders today where you could just apply those to make sure they absorb moisture.
And you don't have to feel uncomfortable.
So this is it you guys.
I hope you enjoy this video.
I hope these tips helped you.
Thank you guys so much for watching.
And I will see you next time.
Stay dry.


17 Hygiene Tips You Need to Know

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