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  • it's a ground zero.

  • Wu Han in China that Corona virus is at its most deadly among their lives.

  • It claimed today on American on a Japanese citizen.

  • But this disease is traveling fast and far now to the mountains of eastern France.

  • In all, 11 Britain's hospitalized there and five confirmed to be the latest victims.

  • That includes a child who attended a local school.

  • None are yet seriously civil Castle.

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  • Idea.

  • Huh?

  • Good moment, Year limit.

  • The risk on I don't have a ticket will have no incident here.

  • That initial source of infection traces back to Singapore under the time of an international sales meeting at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, already linked to the first British case in Spain.

  • Another British family has been admitted to this hospital for checks.

  • Meanwhile, in Japan, extra medical staff have boarded the quarantine cruise liner Diamond Princess.

  • Three more passengers and crew have been confirmed toe have the disease.

  • The ship will spend the next 12 hours at sea.

  • But there's better news of honeymooner Alan Steel, who also tested positive and is now in hospital, leaving his wife confined to let Allen's Gert's, um like, say, Japanese doctors are looking after him really, really well on for you.

  • What's this being like being separated from the man that you married just a few weeks ago?

  • It's hard, but we have a very strong relationship.

  • He's always been that that he's always been by my side, the Diamond Princess when we back here in dock tomorrow to pick up fresh supplies, the fate of its passengers on its crew as uncertain as anyone caught up in this crisis.

  • John Ray, ITV News, Yokohama.

it's a ground zero.


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