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  • one more way on Queen.

  • Part of the hard rock trolls.

  • I'm here to take your string, bro way.

  • Lose our string.

  • We lose our music.

  • I'm gonna unite the six strings and destroy all music.

  • Except for one I can't believe another clean would use her power for evil.

  • These other trolls aren't like us.

  • They dance different, they sing different hip hop trauma Time, time, time Barb collects all the strings are music will be destroyed forever.

  • We're gonna need a battle plan And weapons Violence never solves a problem.

  • Branch way Gonna hug our way out of this one.

  • I will protect you no matter what I pinky promise you can't go back on a promise way.

  • Need to go undercover.

  • How way are genuine hard rock for everything?

  • Cool.

  • Ah, smooth.

one more way on Queen.


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TROLLS 2: WORLD TOUR Trailer 2 (2020) (TROLLS 2: WORLD TOUR Trailer 2 (2020))

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