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  • 2000 on FX.

  • Have your back in the back.

  • You know you want to go.

  • I don't know your reentry.

  • Back on that list under sexiest women in the world.

  • You've done well from both sides on your number nine number, right?

  • We'll kill the bitch, Theo.

  • It'll from I don't know who they are.

  • This is not really my sort of thing.

  • Danni Minogue is 97.

  • Susan Boyle thing, Matt, about Susan Boyle in America, It's taken.

  • Oh, yes.

  • Let's you love her.

  • Don't know.

  • Yes, she's all right.

  • It's okay.

  • I mean, she's good.

  • She's good.

  • She could sing better than me.

  • But she's just a good singer, isn't she?

  • Oh, no.

  • I've been tutted, right.

  • She's a good luck.

  • She's a good singer for a Harry one with thick ankles.

  • But as a singer, she's good.

  • She's a good singer.

  • Is she a great singer?

  • Question.

  • No statement.

  • Question?

  • You mean something that whole actually good for her?

  • She said the best thing I've seen you looks like Booth.

  • And now you, sir, we talked about you losing ways.

  • I've lost two stone in second.

  • That's a bit way 77 weeks.

  • Yeah, well, I have plenty to lose.

  • Obviously.

  • And I'm still on a diet.

  • But no, I just took on a personal trainer.

  • I thought you know what?

  • I'm not joking.

  • Honestly, I woke up.

  • I thought one day would be lovely to be able to stand up, look down and see my Penis.

  • So I'm going to die.

  • It I'd have gone with a bigger cock.

  • This'll get exceptional year old pump.

  • I don't feel the need to become, you know, paper thin.

  • And let's be honest, you know, I like my chocolates and jump too much that I'll probably ever become that.

  • But I just I just thought I don't want to be unhealthy, and I probably will get fat again.

  • I mean, you know, I just like curly world.

  • I'm not gonna I'm not gonna be too smug about it, because I'm sure I'll end up a fatty.

  • But I will have to explain what it Marjorie's.

  • Then we're going to explain it.

  • You see, she would have had the lap band, but you could achieve that.

  • I've done a fern and one day wear a fat suit.

  • No, I could, but I quite like the idea of thin Marjorie, because, I mean, how intolerable would she be?

2000 on FX.


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