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  • Hi :-) I'm Tami and today we're going to make a bookmark shaped like a...

  • laughing..


  • First we need to have a guitar shape that we can use as a stencil

  • you can use any shape - cut it out from a magazine, the internet, or even...

  • draw it yourself

  • we trace the guitar shape on a light brown piece of cardboard

  • now we take a darker shade of brown and cut it the same size

  • let's use masking tape just to keep the pieces in place

  • and cut out the shape of the guitar

  • now there are two exact cardboard guitars

  • we take around out there anything round about the same size and mark a circle on

  • the light brown cardboard this will be the front side of our guitar

  • let's cut the circle out - I always start by cutting and x inside its easier

  • that way

  • it's probably a good time to erase the pencil markings

  • Good! :-) it's starting to look like a guitar

  • now let's glue those two together

  • we're almost there...

  • for the guitar strings will create cardboard strips of dark brown cardboard

  • try to make them about the same size

  • now we'll glue them were the guitar strings should be

  • like this

  • now, we'll use another brown piece to create a little guitar bridge

  • let's clean the leftovers

  • and we have a guitar bookmark!

  • Thank's for watching! :-) You can like, comment and subscribe if you want to - and I'll see you

  • next time ... bye :-)

Hi :-) I'm Tami and today we're going to make a bookmark shaped like a...


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しおり - ギターのしおりの作り方 (Bookmark - How to make a Guitar Bookmark)

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