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Hello And thank you for clicking on this video way would like to remind you that this video is claimed by U N G umg.
We suck.
My God, I just threw up Legos.
What Work?
I meant to say I'm going to kill it like Saturday morning schedule.
Gotta get tipped with time.
Like devil rays by you Acting like that, kiddo.
I'm just rushing like widow Golden.
Thanks to be such as to go.
Is that simple?
This should be fun.
All right, Pea juice world curious to see what they do with the hook part for this video.
Just watch a cold Bennett Ted talk earlier while eating some Wendy's breakfast.
Shasta Wendy's for serving breakfast.
Now Eminem decided to do this video of Cold Bennett.
That's power.
Move for him.
Let's get into it.
Well, I like that Lights like, first of all, I like that little trademark lemonade, lyrical lemonade light switch thing.
It's cool on off.
I like it.
And I don't know who this is on the ah left side of the screen here next to M and M on the other whiskey battle, but he's got a nice rack That's just saying I can swallow a bottle of alcohol in feeling Godzilla Better hit the deck like the car dealer.
My whole squad's in here walking around the party, my whole squad, the Godzilla.
Okay, A cross between a zombie apocalypse.
The lyrical lemonade in there.
OK, which is the same reason with maintenance.
A decent jump, considering e.
Who has a clean effect, right?
They're switching the face on the bodies like that.
That's dope is probably not too difficult to do.
Especially they're standing still, which makes those kind of like masking effects a lot easier when you're able to do that.
But still, that looks super clean.
Came a life in this and make a statement of vacate reaching.
Thinking came a day.
This is Craig raging.
I fired to the Bank of sprinklings.
They cannot tame a placate the way with his world trucker I loathe.
Does he have fatter?
What was he get?
Fatter as he was drinking that on my trip?
I could be trouble.
There's so much alcohol in this video way phone.
Say you got it.
You got pick up on these little details.
You won't believe this question, Mark.
Oh, my God.
Okay, so someone's just just filming it, okay?
It's like he's at a red carpet.
What was that con artist?
Con artists haven't seen him in a minute.
A man.
It's Shasta D 12 and all the fans of d 12 just pulled in.
So many support.
Apologist of sports.
All right, Yeah.
I gotta get comfortable here, man.
I'm like, doing that weird thing when you're sitting, like on your leg.
That's what I'm doing right now.
I know why.
For some reason, I always sit like that, Mr.
Bolt, this time in a mental hospital with a crystal ball.
Kind of see what?
Every like this tomorrow.
But don't put his back against the wall.
Pencil drawn.
This is just a song to go ballistic on you.
Just a little on the guy with O bro.
That was in the snippet to sound why, that caught me so off guard.
I just didn't think he was gonna retaliate with a damn bazooka.
By the way, fun fact at every record.
The 1st 10 seconds of this reaction because there was motorcycles and loud, probably souped up Honda cars just driving by nonstop.
And I got mad I said a couple of bad words.
Um, but yeah, I don't know why I mentioned that.
I don't know where I was going with that.
I have no idea where I was going with that.
Wait till it gets you off like 1/5 of vodka when you twisted.
I like that blur shot with shakiness that march tonight.
My God, I just threw up Legos.
What a nice shot is fired thing.
Who's in this shot?
Anybody we know, I personally don't know the people in this shot here you gave me.
Oh, my.
Look at all those Eminem apples.
Eminem show.
That's my favorite.
That's my favorite.
I mean, he got him.
All right there, Slim, Shady LP Encore.
Even the ones that we don't choose toe talk about for certain reasons.
But, you know, you got everything there, everybody still raving, raising their hands here.
This is I don't like this video, man.
This is well put together.
And it's all in this one little warehouse location.
So far.
Finger finger, prostate exam Perspire like a lion handsome on fire.
And I got no plans to retire, and I'm still a man.
You wouldn't.
My chicks I only get more handsome and fly.
I got him passing out Like what you do when you have someone.
Oh, shoot.
That looks like you know, Eminem or that same outfit in a certain music video.
And I can't think of what it waas get more handsome and fly.
I got him passing out like you.
That exact outfit.
Um oh, God.
Well, he wore that style for a while, like the light blue and the chain and the doo rag with the glasses on with the hoop earrings.
But I can't think of what it is.
Ah, man, I can't think of a music video thing you do when you have someone.
Players goes up, comes around just like the plates on the chains, off down the right off the bench like a baseball.
That's like super fake blood right there.
But that's lyrical lemonade, and that's why cold Bennett is the vision and whoever he works with.
The vision is so fired because, like they don't care, they don't care that it might look cheesy sometimes that it looks fake, like, obviously fake.
It's creative, and there's meaning behind all the effects that they do, and that's that was there, come up and he talked about that in the Ted talk.
He was like at the time we were shooting low budget videos, which was becoming more of the inn in hip hop.
This is when lyrical lemonade was starting to blow up and, um, to make a give it more flair.
We just added, like, effects to the videos, not not anything like super high budget like low budget effects.
And that's what was given lyrical lemonade, the video flair.
And I'm glad that we got to see some of that there because up to that point in this video, all the effects look fire like they all look crazy that they did, because I make bands are not called getting cheese.
A kickball player to motherfucking stingy for share won't even let you in here and even pretending to care.
But tell the pitch of Mary of should bury your face in my genital area.
The original Richard Hold your back's never sit well, so they want to give me the keys back to is my name is days where he's getting ahead of the music video.
I see you have a parent police chicken It's Carrie calling Harry Carey because every time and Dick and Harry Carey and marry a motherfucking dictionary on I'm swearing up and down that could fit This shit's hilarious.
It's time to put these bitches in the obituary column with star staring problem with Catholics there.
Keep backing people Half of the bad needs people.
That means take a back seat to get back to Phat beats with Mexico Single book of my rap Secret attacks These people.
That's my gangster bitch Like Apache with a catchy jingle last night Keeps you better.
Gonna have the hangover Oh, with the front my You know my guy keeps it in a ball.
The beloved people may knocked out Zach Galifianakis.
He knocks out m and m so I had to change a little focusing on my camera here.
What is happening, Mike, why are we punching random people in every video that we're in?
I mean, I didn't mean what filled with venom and eliminating other words.
Dr Dre, let's go.
We live in a fucking body's generating.
Everything is innovative, and I get a minute make anybody want with everybody wanted, but they're gonna get it anyway.
Get intothe really bringing the killer with the medical room, working on himself, drinking while doing the operation.
That's just an Eminem thing right there, man.
You wanna be the enemy of the demon within me and receiving enemy Once did it again to be every bit of my spit it when I'm in the vicinity.
Motherfucker, you better duck.
You're gonna be dead the minute you might still apologize.
You want a battle?
I'm available in an inflatable woman.
Debatable them.
Inevitable Among the tollbooth man stuff.
That was a genius idea for this whole hectic, ridiculous part going on during that fast flow part because I was really curious going into this.
What are they going to do for the fast rat part?
Like, what do you do without making it?
Like just someone just rapping into the camera type thing?
And I love how it shaky.
It's chaotic.
What else is chaotic?
Surgery, high tension.
And this just added to the effect it almost feels like now he's rapid faster because of that camera shaking and all the stuff going on in my Tyson.
Still apologizing in the room.
That's hilarious.
Look what I'm planning.
Oh, everybody having a good day.
Uh, I hope everybody accomplished something significant.
Even even even if you didn't accomplish anything significant, don't be discouraged.
Just aimed to accomplish something significant tomorrow and the next day.
So Well said, if anybody's going through anything, I hope that I pray that you get through it and just know that you do have the strength to get through Whatever the fuck you going through, no matter what it is.
Damn, That's an incredible way.
Toe End it.
I love that man.
This was well done, you know.
Shot us the cold.
Bennett heavy the check out my song.
Snippet of it right now.
Talking, talking, talking.
You always talk.
You could tell him that I'm a busy moment that Tell me what you see.
I see me working in the starting time.


Joey Nato Reacts to Eminem - Godzilla ft. Juice WRLD (Dir. by _ColeBennett_)

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