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  • Winnie puts Wilbur in the garden

  • Wilbur is green

  • The grass is green

  • Winnie can't see Wilbur...

  • Oh, dear...

  • Winnie trips over Wilbur, does three somersaults and falls into a bush!

  • Winnie is furious...

  • She picks up her magic wand

  • waves it five times and...


  • Wilbur has got a red head

  • a yellow body

  • a pink tail

  • blue whiskers

  • and four purple legs.

  • But his eyes are still green.

  • Now Winnie can see Wilbur when he sits on a chair

  • when he sits on the carpet

  • when he sits in the garden

  • and even when he climbs to the top of a tree!

  • Wilbur sits at the top of the tree because he is miserable.

  • He looks ridiculous!

  • Even the birds laugh at him.

  • Wilbur stays at the top of the tree all day

  • ... and all night.

Winnie puts Wilbur in the garden


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魔女のウィニー4 (Winnie the Witch 4)

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