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the winner off the Holy Grail.
Off jump racing will walk down here into this one's enclosure on about 3 45 this afternoon as winner off the Magnus Cheltenham Gold Cup.
It's the greatest price in jumps.
Racing on.
We have a fantastic deep renewal this afternoon to form the highlight off the Cheltenham Festival.
We have last season's winner, Native River, who 12 months ago, but you sat her kill a in effort after that sustained Jule that thrilled everybody here are Press Bree Park.
We've got presenting Percy, a jeweled Shelton Festival winner, successful in the pretence final on the Chase but seldom seen on trained by a trainer.
Even more seldom heard but very impressive.
Garrett on this season reappearance.
The day racing for the first time over fences this season.
Planned is oboe six to win for Harry Corbin.
Paul Nichols, the King George hero subsequently on easy winner on basket, will be pulls fifth winner in the Gold Cup and give him a share of the record currently held Bye Arkels trainer Tom Draper.
So many others in with chances, including forerunners trained by Willie Mullins, the most successful trainer in Cheltenham Festival history but yet to win the Gold Cup six times a second, he keeps coming back like Theresa May with the withdrawal agreement.
It's a fabulous Girl Cup on a fabulist day that starts the red hot Irish banker Eric in the Tri Infertile, a really well fancy Paul Nichols horse.
Magic Saints in the Grand annual and then The Day on the festival ends for the first time with the Martin part Conditional Jockeys Handicap Hurdle.
That will be the 28th of 28 races Station this week, but they all revolve.
It all hangs on the one that comes up a 3 30 the Cheltenham Gold Cup.


Cheltenham 2019: Lee Mottershead looks ahead to Day Four of the Festival and the Gold Cup

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