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  • Hello.

  • Welcome to the time From preview for Wednesday's racing at the Children's Festival, I'm gonna focus on two races out of the seven on the card.

  • Got strong view in the arse, eh?

  • I thought that champ.

  • Although all winter people have been trying to find fault with this horse, mainly because he's been a short price, he's essentially been 7 to 2321 for the last a few months.

  • Basically, as a result, people have looked at that price and sent to try and find something against him.

  • And perhaps try and pick wanted to holes in him as well as a as a resource.

  • But now we got to the day.

  • Now we can see the field in behind him.

  • I think that Price hasn't altered.

  • It's still 321 72.

  • I think that's that's really good value now.

  • He was a very good hurdler, obviously, as we know one.

  • A grade one entry second at the festival, he's taken well, defenses.

  • Obviously he had that unfortunate fall in the Dipper last time, but I thought we did really, really well.

  • He got Barry Garrity out of trouble when he wanted Newberry great to level pride to that.

  • He's still a really promising, promising saying chaser on dhe for me in that field lights of Allah Ho.

  • I think he should be in the the shorter race that Marsha can't really see him staying.

  • Three miles Copperhead.

  • Our wonder whether that Ascot win last time was quite as good as it looked, given the ground was so bad.

  • So essentially, I just thought that there wasn't a lot to be scared or been behind him in the market on around 72.

  • I think that Champ is a very good bet in the USA.

  • I'm gonna advise to in the 4 50 the Fred Winter, the two that I like against our max, who obviously represents Gordon Elliott, who's got such a good record in the sort of races and probably is one that's going to improve for going into this sort of handicapped.

  • But I can't let Mick past ago, um, backed around seven and 1/2 8 to 1.

  • He is a Grade one.

  • Be a Grade one winner.

  • Subsequent great one winner in France on his only hurdle start.

  • Hey was very well back to Cheltenham, but bombed out was subsequently found to have been suffering with ulcers on Dhe.

  • He's essentially looks a thought to be really, really well suited by a well run races, a keen Goa Andi think we haven't really seen the best of them, to be honest, so I think he's going to step up significantly on what he did at Ludlow last time.

  • He's clearly been laid out for this.

  • He's had to wind up.

  • He's got a hood on, has a lot of reasons.

  • To think that Mick Pass is going to take a big step forward in his form is actually probably the strongest in the race.

  • If you're looking internationally now, the other one that I like in the races Black over Alan King.

  • He's got probably the strongest British form on offer curtsey of Win it Taunton, where he'd be a couple of re opposing rivals back in December.

  • He again, he's a strong travel, A good jumper just looks the type to be really well suited by the demands of this race, and he's available around 16 to 1.



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