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as China's Corona virus death toll climbs to more than 900 researchers here have made a breakthrough which could help contain the spread.
Qantas also moving to reassure customers it's taking every precaution after flying into the epi center off the virus.
Qantas wants you to see these pictures.
The Boeing 747 used for the two evacuation missions from ground zero China being cleaned as though a surgical theater state covers headphones, everything that can be thrown out.
Hospital grade disinfectant spray, twice new filters that replace cabin air every 3 to 5 minutes, a 36 hour operation and the airline insisting the same was done between the emergency dashes and before 800 passengers bordered for a normal flight between Sydney and Tokyo.
Also in show today, a breakthrough by New South Wales researchers they've managed to grow the live virus from a patient instead of synthetic materials potentially can help vaccine manufacturers and so on by providing viruses that they can then work on, while 60 more Kaiser's means 130 passengers and now infected from the lock down diamond cruise ship in Japan.
In Hong Kong, Aussies were among thousands finally cleared to leave the world dream that had become a four day quarantine nightmare.
And he in Hong Kong, nine members off just one unlucky family have bean infected after sharing a hot pot at a party venue.
A 24 year old men and his elderly grandmother first to be diagnosed, followed by his mother father, is two aunts and three cousins back to you.


Research findings may stop coronavirus spread | Nine News Australia

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 13 日 に公開
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