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Are you transgender female-to-male,
trans-masculine, or female to whatever?
This video is part two, so if you have
not watched the first one I recommend
that you do so, before watching this one. A
criteria to understanding if you are
transgender, is regarding how you feel
about your gender. On a constant basis, do
you not feel female? This does not mean
that you specifically feel male, although
some people do. Some feel that they are
bi-gender or without gender, and then
some may feel more male as their body
changes. Regardless of how you feel about
your gender specifically, female just
does not fit. Again, you do not feel
yourself to be female, and no matter what
you do, or how good or bad things may be
going in your life, this feeling is a
constant presence for you. I want you to
think about how you felt about your
gender over your life. I am going to make
a list of what some transgender people
experience over the course of their life,
that demonstrated that they did not feel
female. I want you to know that this list
is not a comprehensive list. This video
can only be so long, so I can't list
everything, so there's a lot more
involved than the list I'm about to make.
You can still be transgender without
having a single thing on this list
because it isn't comprehensive. Growing
up you might have secretly wished or
prayed to wake up as a boy the next day.
When you had a chance to play with
others as children you may have picked a
male role such as father, uncle, or
brother. If you played video games or
even do so now, you may have preferred
male avatars or gender-neutral
avatars, like an animal. You may have cut
off your hair, or hated it being long. You
may have been
drawn to toys or clothing which was
traditionally associated with males.
When you look at men
you may feel yourself jealous at how
they look, or jealous that they have
facial hair, and muscle mass, and you
Despite this feeling of not being female
you may have a period in your life where
you participate in traditionally female
behaviors, such as wearing dresses, makeup,
or high heels.
I actually know one trans man who he got
breast implants at one point. The
purpose of doing this was to make an
effort to fulfill the expectations
placed on your gender, in attempt to
convince yourself that you can be
comfortable living as female if you just
try hard enough. Unfortunately it just
doesn't work. I would like to add that if
you are watching this video for yourself,
and researching what transgender is
online, then it is likely that you are
transgender, because cis-gender people do
not ask this question. "Am I transgender?"
Not generally. Again, think about your
life. Look at the signs that show how you
feel about your gender, and make your own
list. If you have dysphoria or a constant
feeling of not being female, then I believe
that you at least owe it to yourself to
explore this further. Talk to a mental
health professional who is knowledgeable
and experienced with transgender clients.
If after some exploration you feel
yourself to be transgender. Then I
believe you at least owe it to yourself
to try hormones for a few months. Going
on hormones for a month or two will not
lead to major changes in your body, but
it will give you an opportunity to see
how you feel on them. Studies show that
people who transition with hormones
experience less depression and anxiety
than those who go without it. It can also
help you clarify things. I hope you found
this video helpful in clarifying how you
may have a history of what you feel
around your gender, and that your
feelings surrounding your gender may
have been present for some time. I know
that some people are still going to be
confused after just watching this video.
I will be making more in the future
with specific examples to illustrate
this. For now these are the two
criteria which are required for being
transgender. If you found this video
helpful then please remember to like,
share, subscribe, and if you can afford to
do so, make a donation.


Are you transgender? Female to Male/FtM Part 2

34 タグ追加 保存
Amy.Lin 2020 年 3 月 12 日 に公開
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