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  • Spotlight On: English actor Daniel Craig.

  • And his choice timepieces.

  • Daniel Craig is about to play James Bond for the fifth and final time in 2019’s ‘Bond

  • 25’.

  • What has perhaps made him perfect for the role are their similaritiestheir elusive

  • personality, steely charisma, and great sartorial taste.

  • Like James Bond, Daniel also loves his Rolex and Omega watches.

  • Both brands have had relationships with the James Bond franchise, with Omega as the current

  • brand of choice.

  • It so happens that Daniel loves to wear them, even when he’s off-dutyproving that

  • both brands can co-exist.

  • Here’s his stellar collection of Rolex and Omega timepieces, from vintage to modern.

  • Let’s start with his vintage Rolex collection.

  • Even before playing Bond, Daniel already had the taste for holy grail watches, such as

  • vintage Daytona and Submariners.

  • In fact, he has the same Rolex Submariner model that Bond first used, in Sean Connery’s

  • Goldfinger.

  • The Rolex Submariner 6538.

  • Now a highly collectible item, it’s characterized by its oversized crown, and lack of crown

  • guards.

  • Yet another Rolex Submariner in Daniel’s collection is the 1680.

  • It’s easy to spot from afar because of its extremely tall crystal.

  • It was the first Submariner to be equipped with the date window at 3 o’clock , with

  • the magnifying Cyclops lens affixed to its Plexiglas crystal.

  • Daniel also owns the holy grail, Rolex Paul Newman Daytona reference 6263.

  • He wears the reverse Panda, with a white dial and black subdials.

  • The emblematic model owned by Paul Newman himself has become the most expensive watch

  • ever soldbut Daniel has had the watch even before it.

  • Also in his collection are several contemporary Rolex models of the GMT Master II, Submariner,

  • and Milgauss.

  • His choice GMT Master II is the Pepsi.

  • The watch with the iconic blue and red bezel is the inaugural color of the GMT-Master.

  • It is now considered a classic, and is considered a must have in a Rolex collection.

  • Daniel has also been spotted with the Rolex Milgauss in red carpet events.

  • The anti-magnetic watch is truly hard to miss.

  • As you can see here, you can spot its green crystal, even from afar.

  • One of Daniel’s most unique watches is a Rolex Submariner customized by Project X Designs,

  • and produced only in 24 pieces.

  • To give it a vintage look, the crown guards and cyclops date magnifier were removed, and

  • it is worn on a nylon strap.

  • Of course, Omega watches won’t be missing in Daniel Craig’s collection.

  • As the official watch of James Bond, Daniel has his pick of the lotand he sure chose

  • really great timepieces.

  • Bond has always worn a Seamaster, but were sure youll agree that the Omega Speedmaster

  • looks just as good on Daniel.

  • He chose the Apollo 11 40th anniversary watch, which has the mission’s medallion on one

  • of its subdials.

  • Daniel has also professed his love for the Seamaster Aqua Terra.

  • He added a blue-dial model to his personal collection, after he wore it in the 2012 Bond

  • movie, Skyfall.

  • And finally, we have one of his most prized possessions.

  • An Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean, 600m Co-Axial chronometer.

  • He wore it in the opening sequence of Casino Royale, his first ever stint as James Bond.

  • It looks like we won’t see much of itDaniel prefers to keep the very special watch stored

  • in a safe.

  • Daniel Craig has amazing taste in watches.

  • We sure will follow his collection, even after his stint as James Bond.

  • Which one was your favorite?

  • Tell us in the comments section.

Spotlight On: English actor Daniel Craig.


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