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  • gods and goddesses.

  • It's time for the number two dots show bythe Whoa!

  • Hey to you folks.

  • And welcome to the show What a great crowd we have tonight.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage.

  • Move on The ascendant warrior.

  • Over.

  • Thanks for being here.

  • Are you my kid?

  • Are you an old Chinese man?

  • Oh, last time I checked.

  • Well, with that out of the way.

  • Allow me to give you a proper introduction.

  • There are many stories about the girl who became a hero.

  • Most are embellished, the events polished into a legendary sheen.

  • Who is who are Mullan?

  • Cla, Wah Mu lan.

  • Of course, cries will move on.

  • And they say the move on was blessed.

  • And then her bow and blade were gifts from the gods that she was wise beyond measure and stronger than 100 men.

  • You just ring my Wikipedia.

  • But every story, no matter how outlandish, has a grain of truth to it.

  • Is he just gonna march in a man from every family was calling?

  • Wait, wait.

  • Are you not a god?

  • Does that matter?

  • I mean smite in the battleground of the gods.

  • It seems relevant.

  • Oh, did your wicky not show you that I'm not the first non god name one King Arthur named three more Merlin Guan Yu Achilles.

  • Four more Janeway, Medusa, Rodney Scylla.

  • One more box era.

  • Okay, well, I guess we're gonna need a throw to a break here.

  • Thanks to my guests.

  • Move lawn for name.

  • One more junk.

  • Well, thanks to my guest, move on for stopping by.

  • Coming up next.

  • Dodgy.

  • Gives us a tips or maintaining your nine tails.

  • Another non constitution will be right back.

  • I think the little girl.

gods and goddesses.


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SMITE - ヘイ、ゼウス!...- ムーランは神なのか? (SMITE - Hey Zeus! - Is Mulan a God?)

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