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  • Too far away, oh love, I know, To save me from this haunted road,

  • Whose lofty roses break and blow On a night-sky bent with a load

  • Of lights: each solitary rose, Each arc-lamp golden does expose

  • Ghost beyond ghost of a blossom, shows Night blenched with a thousand snows.

  • Of hawthorn and of lilac trees, White lilac; shows discoloured night

  • Dripping with all the golden lees Laburnum gives back to light.

  • And shows the red of hawthorn set On high to the purple heaven of night,

  • Like flags in blenched blood newly wet, Blood shed in the noiseless fight.

  • Of life for love and love for life, Of hunger for a little food,

  • Of kissing, lost for want of a wife Long ago, long ago wooed.

  • Too far away you are, my love, To steady my brain in this phantom show

  • That passes the nightly road above And returns again below.

  • The enormous cliff of horse-chestnut trees Has poised on each of its ledges

  • An erect small girl looking down at me; White-night-gowned little chits I see,

  • And they peep at me over the edges Of the leaves as though they would leap, should

  • I call Them down to my arms;

  • "But, child, you're too small for me, too small

  • Your little charms."

  • White little sheaves of night-gowned maids, Some other will thresh you out!

  • And I see leaning from the shades A lilac like a lady there, who braids

  • Her white mantilla about Her face, and forward leans to catch the sight

  • Of a man's face, Gracefully sighing through the white

  • Flowery mantilla of lace.

  • And another lilac in purple veiled Discreetly, all recklessly calls

  • In a low, shocking perfume, to know who has hailed

  • Her forth from the night: my strength has failed

  • In her voice, my weak heart falls: Oh, and see the laburnum shimmering

  • Her draperies down, As if she would slip the gold, and glimmering

  • White, stand naked of gown.

  • The pageant of flowery trees above The street pale-passionate goes,

  • And back again down the pavement, Love In a lesser pageant flows.

  • Two and two are the folk that walk, They pass in a half embrace

  • Of linked bodies, and they talk With dark face leaning to face.

  • Come then, my love, come as you will Along this haunted road,

  • Be whom you will, my darling, I shall Keep with you the troth I trowed.

Too far away, oh love, I know, To save me from this haunted road,


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