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So here's what the Budget means for you and your money.
This was a Budget of immediate first aid measures.
The chancellor unveiled a huge package of measures
to support all parts of the workforce,
including millions working in the gig
economy, small businesses, and the self-employed.
The chancellor rolled out a huge boost to statutory sick pay
and for those who were unable to claim it,
much quicker access to benefits.
Plus, help for small businesses in covering
the costs and a range of other measures,
including extra time to pay tax bills and emergency
loans to help businesses see off the corona crisis.
Now, it wouldn't be a Budget without a tax giveaway.
And the chancellor delivered today in the form of a tax cut
for 31m workers as the national insurance threshold is raised
to £9,500 from April.
This, the chancellor said, would save the average worker £100
a year.
Savings for children also received a big boost.
From April, the amount that parents can save into a junior
ISA has more than doubled to £9,000.
And we can all drink to that because duty
on all alcoholic beverages, including wine, beer, cider
and spirits, has been frozen for a year.
And what about property?
Well today, the only big change was an additional 2
per cent rate of stamp duty for people from overseas
who were buying a house in the UK.
That's a move that could hit UK expats returning home.
But the chancellor said the funds will be used
to help combat homelessness.
And finally, what about what the chancellor didn't say?
Rishi Sunak appears to have washed
his hands of some of the tax-raising measures
that wealthy FT readers most feared,
namely getting rid of higher rate pensions tax relief.
In fact today, he made the pensions tax position
much easier for thousands of higher earners in a bid
to help NHS doctors who've been hit by higher tax bills.
So it looks like the government has decided now
is not the time to frighten the party's core voters with talk
of tax rises, but that doesn't mean they're officially
off the table.


Budget 2020: what it means for your money | FT

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