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Special people.
Statewide, 25 people were killed by the tornadoes, the president touring hard hit communities in Putnam County, the tornado that tour through that area, the deadliest claiming 18 lives.
Daryl and Amy Jennings lived there in 32 years.
This is the absolute worst I've ever seen.
Now they're picking through the pieces of their former lives, a war zone.
All missing residents now accounted for attention, turning to cleanup and rebuilding President Trump, later joining the governor and local leaders at a church distributing donated supplies.
The president promising Maur aid from the federal government to be determined what they need.
We're gonna take care of what they need. 00:00:57.140 --> 00:01:1.770 We'll be doing assessments, and that's helps determine what the numbers will be. 00:01:1.900 --> 00:01:5.780 The people who live in Putnam County trying to make sense of their new normal. 00:01:5.810 --> 00:01:16.570 The heartbreaking thing at this point is that I mean, we're friends with most everybody in the neighborhood and so all of the lives that have been lost, it's just it's it's unbelievable.
The president said he was eager to visit Tennessee and thanked first responders for their work.
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President Trump surveys Tennessee tornado damage l ABC News

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