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But military holding facilities Ah, handful of the hundreds of Americans corn teamed have developed symptoms of Corona virus or being monitored after exposure in China might be a small room.
Frank Wyszynski and his daughter, Annabelle, were taken to a San Diego hospital have been outside in 34 weeks.
Baby is stir crazy on this cruise ship.
Returning to New Jersey today, more than two dozen Chinese nationals were pulled aside to be tested for the virus for were hospitalized out of an abundance of caution.
Now, Royal Caribbean is banning Chinese nationals from boarding it.
Ships, along with anyone who's traveled from or through China within the last 15 days, oversees the situation even more dire to cruise ships quarantined aboard a ship near Tokyo, 61 people tested positive for Corona virus, including 11 Americans.
NBC's Molly Hunter spoke to Rebecca Frasier after her throat swab came back positive.
The interview cut short, and she was taken to the hospital.
They're here to take you right now.
Supplies become scarce.
The U.
S is shipping nearly 18 tons of protective gear to China tonight.
Fear it home and abroad as the virus spreads worldwide.
Tonight, Norwegian Cruise Line has joined Royal Caribbean and restricting Chinese nationals from boarding their ships.
They also have extended that to anyone who's been to China over the last 30 days.
No one taking chances here, Lester, especially on those tight quarters on cruise ships.
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Americans Returning From Wuhan, China Quarantined At Military Facilities | NBC Nightly News

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