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  • A well known corrupt company, Buhriz MMA, and its corrupt hiring of Hunter Biden and the gentleman is recognized to explain his amendment.

  • Thank you, Mr Chairman.

  • This amendment strikes the reference to Joe Biden as the center of the proposed investigation and replaces it with the true topic of the investigation, charisma and hunter by on essential element of the Democrats.

  • Case on abuse of power is that the Bidens did nothing wrong.

  • It can only be an abuse of power and not a correct use of power if the president was pursuing something under which there was no reasonable basis.

  • Toe ask a question about Hunter Biden and charisma Hunter Biden charisma.

  • What's an interesting story? 00:00:55.270 --> 00:01:1.450 And I think just about every American knows there's something up with that $86,000 a month. 00:01:1.940 --> 00:01:7.170 No experience working for some foreign government while your dad's the vice president. 00:01:7.170 --> 00:01:8.070 United States. 00:01:8.640 --> 00:01:10.660 Is there anyone who believes this is okay?

  • I know we got a few my Democrat colleagues, maybe run for president or might run for president one day.

  • Would you let your vice president have their son or daughter or family member out moonlighting for some foreign company?

  • Maybe I'll use language familiar to the former vice president.

  • Come on, man.

  • This looks dirty as it is 100.

  • Biden was making more than five times more than a board member for Exxon Mobil.

  • I've heard of that company, and so I want to read up on 100 bite and learn a little more about him.

  • I found this very extensive profile in The New Yorker, and here's Here's what it says.

  • Hunter said that at that point he had not slept for several days.

  • Driving east on Interstate 10 just beyond palm strings, he lost control of his car, which jumped the median and skidded to a stop on the shoulder of the westbound side. 00:01:57.870 --> 00:02:1.920 He called Hertz, which came to collect the damage car and gave him a second. 00:02:1.920 --> 00:02:9.610 Reynold, the Hertz rental officer, told me he found a crack pipe in the car and on one of the consoles, a line of white powder residue. 00:02:9.970 --> 00:02:28.450 Beau Biden's attorney general badges on the dashboard Hurts called the Prescott Police Department, and officers filed a narcotics offense report listing items seized in the car, including a past plastic bag containing white powdery substance, a Secret Service business card, credit cards and Hunter Biden's driver's license.

  • That is what we would call evidence, and I don't want to make light of anybody's substance abuse issues.

  • I know the president's working real hard to solve those throughout the country.

  • But it's a little hard to believe that barista MMA hired Hunter Biden to resolve their international disputes when he could not resolve his own dispute with Hertz rental car over lean, leaving cocaine and a crack pipe in the car, it continues.

  • Hunter stayed in Los Angeles for about a week.

  • He said that he needed to get away and forget sooner After his arrival in L. 00:02:59.780 --> 00:03:0.050 A. 00:03:1.040 --> 00:03:4.970 He said he asked a homeless man and per shipping square where he could buy crack. 00:03:5.300 --> 00:03:12.290 Hunter said that the man took him to a nearby homeless encampment, where a narrow passageway between tents, someone put a gun to his head.

  • Before realizing that he was the buyer, he referred, He returned to buy more crack a few times that week again not saying, you know, not casting any judgment on any challenges.

  • Someone goes through their personal life.

  • But it is just hard to believe that this was the guy wandering through homeless encampments buying crack.

  • There was worth $86,000 a month to Paris beholding.

  • And that might be one of the reasons why would ABC asked 100?

  • Bye.

  • Hey, you think you would have gotten this job in the absence of your dad being the vice president?

  • Well, he said, probably not.

  • And then I looked to the record evidence, and I looked at the testimony of Mr Kent.

  • Mr.

  • Kent was one of the witnesses they called on the first day. 00:03:52.410 --> 00:04:2.360 He said Maurice Moe was so dirty that our own embassy had to pull out of a joint sponsorship with them when Ambassador You Ivanovich was being prepped for her Senate confirmation. 00:04:2.630 --> 00:04:18.320 The Obama administration was so worried about the corruption around Paris Mon Hunter Biden that they held special prep moments to try to get ready for the inevitable questions about this obvious corruption that the president asked about Mr Kent again.

  • One of the witnesses from the first day also gave testimony that Boris Mama, that the head of Maurice Moe had stolen $23 million in the US and the UK and that he paid a bribe to get off the hook.

  • So again, it's not as if Boris must pulling out new plays.

  • Their playbook is to do dirty stuff and then go in, pay bribes and hire the people necessary to make those problems go away.

  • This is why the minority hearing issue is so important.

  • By the way, you you wonder why Republicans air so angry that we didn't have a hearing put on our own witnesses and own evidence.

  • And you may wonder why wolf they feel so good about their case.

  • Why did they block our ability to put in evidence? 00:04:57.160 --> 00:05:1.320 It's because we have the ability to show that Boris MMA is corrupt. 00:05:1.560 --> 00:05:16.200 We have the ability to show that 100 Biden is corrupt, and that totally exculpate ce the quote the president because there is no way in the United States of America that honestly pursuing actual corruption is an impeachable offense.

A well known corrupt company, Buhriz MMA, and its corrupt hiring of Hunter Biden and the gentleman is recognized to explain his amendment.


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