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  • So let's go over some details.

  • Kelly was not at women's hell all Usually, no matter how you acted on the show, everyone is invited in.

  • Typically, everyone attends.

  • Lee was in L.

  • A.

  • When the women Tall was being filmed but did not attend.

  • Maybe she was hanging out with her bachelor on Lum friends celebrating her birthday.

  • Is recon see in this picture, or could she have been in L.

  • A.

  • So she could see Peter?

  • Some fans seemed to think that Kelly wasn't invited because she was with Peter.

  • Okay, I get that.

  • But how about this? 00:00:51.830 --> 00:01:7.220 The entire Weber family follows Kelly on Instagram, meaning her mom, dad, brother and her brother's girlfriend and the Weber family are not even following any of the final three contestants. 00:01:7.530 --> 00:01:10.350 Victoria F, Henan or Madison.

  • Peter's mom was a cheerleader for the Bears and Miss Illinois.

  • So who knows?

  • Maybe Kelly's family and Peter's family.

  • I kind of know each other being that Kelly's from Chicago.

  • Obviously, this does seem far fetched.

  • But this is the bachelor.

  • Anything can happen.

  • So do you think that there is any truth to this?

  • Do you believe this rumor?

So let's go over some details.


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The Bachelor 2020: Peter Weber [THEORY] ピーター・ウェーバーはケリー・フラナガンと一緒?[EVIDENCE] (The Bachelor 2020: Peter Weber [THEORY] Is Peter Weber With Kelley Flanagan? [EVIDENCE])

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