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  • That's how much money you're borrowing rights of your borrowing, $120,000 that your principal and you're gonna multiply it by this fraction right here.

  • So in the numerator and the top of this fraction, we've got our friend.

  • So this are it's actually gonna show up several times.

  • This are is actually the interest rate that you're paying.

  • So the A PR the annual interest rate.

  • We have to divide that by 12.

  • Why?

  • Because we're making monthly payments.

  • So we take our we check the interest rate divide by 12.

  • Think that are we multiply it by one plus R to the n wth power. 00:00:54.660 --> 00:01:3.440 That end is an exponents right now that and also represents something that is the number of payments that you're going to be making. 00:01:3.450 --> 00:01:7.620 So, for a 30 year loan, there's 12 months in a year. 00:01:7.620 --> 00:01:15.020 And if you make a payment every year, they're gonna They're gonna have 30 years times 12 right?

  • 12 months in a year.

  • 30 years.

  • That's gonna tell you how many payments you have two makes.

  • That would be 360 right?

  • If you were doing a 30 year loan, write if you're doing a 15 year loan to be 30 or excuse me 15 times 12 would be 100 and 80 and then a denominator just have that one plus R to the end power, and then we subtract one.

  • So if we follow this this formula here, that's going to yield our monthly mortgage payment, right?

  • And now, when I'm were not kind of simplify things, we're not gonna think about property taxes.

  • There are things that might be lumped in with the mortgage payment. 00:01:53.880 --> 00:02:1.640 We're just gonna think about repaying the principal in the interest for right now just so you can get a feel for how that you'll go about calculating this for a mortgage. 00:02:2.020 --> 00:02:17.950 So let's say that you borrow $100,000 at 6.5% a PR right to be repaid over 30 years, So you've got a 30 year mortgage right now, we want to say what would be the monthly payment.

  • We want to calculate the monthly payment.

  • So we know how much to pay the lender each month.

  • So our monthly payment may just change color.

  • So our monthly payment gonna be equal to our principal.

  • All right, Our principal is $100,000.

  • That's how much money were borrowing.

  • And now we're gonna multiply that by this fraction above right.

  • But we need to know what our is.

  • So let me take him.

  • We'll try and keep the same colors, so we're gonna have 0.65 divided by 12. 00:02:58.030 --> 00:03:6.160 That's our our If you remember, our interest rate divided by 12 Now, this number, we can just put it. 00:03:6.160 --> 00:03:8.750 I'm just gonna put it in here so you can see it and so forth. 00:03:8.950 --> 00:03:10.520 But really want No, it comes out.

  • I'll just round it.

  • 0.5 417 That's rounded, but I'm just gonna leave it in here like this, right?

  • So you can see, Then we add or excuse me, multiply by one plus are which is 0.65 over 12.

  • And then we raise that to the nth power.

  • Right?

  • And the power.

  • Since it's a 30 year mortgage, there's going to be we're gonna have 30 times 12 360 payments.

  • All right, so this is gonna be to the 360 ifthe power.

  • Okay, Now, in our denominator, the bottom part of our fraction change colors. 00:03:53.150 --> 00:04:6.250 Here again, we're gonna have one plus point hope 0.65 divided by 12 to the 360. 00:04:6.250 --> 00:04:8.350 Ifthe power, that's that and again. 00:04:9.140 --> 00:04:11.930 And then we're going to subtract one, right?

  • So you can put this into excel.

  • Or if you have a graphing calculator, you'll be able to put it in, and you just take the 100,000 and then you multiply it by this big fraction right here.

  • Okay, that is going to yield.

  • Believe we're gonna have a monthly payment of $632.

  • Or should I write this here?

  • We'll put this and white again.

  • So we have a monthly payment of $632.

  • That's gonna be our monthly mortgage payment.

  • And again, just just a note here.

  • You're paying this in a monthly basis, but there might be other things. 00:04:53.640 --> 00:05:1.030 Write such as property tax, homeowner's insurance that the lender decides. 00:05:1.030 --> 00:05:1.340 You know what? 00:05:1.340 --> 00:05:6.400 We're gonna put that we're gonna put it, that in this part of the loan that's part of your mortgage payment. 00:05:6.400 --> 00:05:7.290 We're not getting into that. 00:05:7.290 --> 00:05:14.110 Here were just talking about repaying this principle along with this 6.5% interest over a 30 year term.

  • And to do that, you'd pay $632 a month for 30 years.

That's how much money you're borrowing rights of your borrowing, $120,000 that your principal and you're gonna multiply it by this fraction right here.


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