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  • I mean, all right, people are going to say everything had a poor night.

  • They always say that, don't they?

  • But I remember going back before the Premier League in 1988 being Liverpool.

  • When they demolish Nottingham Forest, five nil on the late sits on, Finney said.

  • That's the best performance I've ever seen.

  • When I'm now saying that about Chelsea against Everton, it was incredible.

  • If that had been a life game, we'd still be talking about it in three weeks time.

  • It was amazing.

  • Chelsea's touch play, their movement, their dominance.

  • They're finishing.

  • There wasn't there wasn't a weakness because you saw all their strengths in that 90 minutes, they tour Everton apart.

  • They threw them on the bomb fire.

  • If you like on Guy Fawkes night, but Chelsea were just out of this world. 00:00:59.060 --> 00:01:5.910 Now I will take that point from Chris Sutton because they've got no European football either And I tell you what. 00:01:5.910 --> 00:01:15.010 If Conte is working on the training ground, which he obviously is four or five days a week producing football like that, I'm not gonna look any further for the champions.

I mean, all right, people are going to say everything had a poor night.


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モットンチェルシーがエバートンに勝利「プレミアリーグ史上最高のパフォーマンス (Motson: Chelsea’s win v Everton ‘best ever Premier League performance’)

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