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  • Might drop here.

  • Shot blocked by Cresswell back across buying Katya.

  • That's the first time Arsenal of knocked on that western door.

  • Drop it, Pepe.

  • Well, Obama Yang.

  • Little bit of space dinks.

  • One end card.

  • He's hit the bar.

  • Had it down.

  • Oh, nearly went in.

  • It's very good feet and catchy, as in, we could say, rebound Nearly fell to Sacha Denying and Keti brake work by Sacha Criswell.

  • One.

  • In this time, Hala flicks it on Antonio.

  • Great, say, from Leno. 00:00:52.970 --> 00:01:9.050 Strong white hands with me, and this time it is in there inside Obama Yang. 00:01:9.950 --> 00:01:10.790 Look my rise.

  • He might throws like a fly, has gone up dollars, given lacquers that has scored a family and just tries his luck with two key players.

  • Her own cider.

  • Julie's not offside.

  • Two players are, but they're not interfering.

  • It's not guys that did it.

Might drop here.


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