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  • everybody that's a licensed door will carry them inside this legal cannabis store.

  • It's gonna be probably twice as many products that will carry.

  • Anticipation is growing for the day edibles hit the shelves.

  • You get a lot of people especially asking for Gummies, and that's a really popular one.

  • So I think we're gonna have a lot of customers coming in for that.

  • Edibles were legalized last month but won't be in stores until mid December and will be limited to 10 milligrams of T H C per package due to fears of over consumption of suspended Dion waiters.

  • That may have been what happened to Dion waiters on Thursday.

  • Multiple reports say he had a panic attack and needed medical attention after ingesting a th seen fused edible sports media can't confirm exactly what he took, how much or even if it caused his attack.

  • Dry mouth, rapid heart rate palpitations.

  • I think I'm feeling like I'm gonna die.

  • I know you.

  • You may find this yard.

  • Doctor says he often sees patients suffering from anxiety after taking too many edibles.

  • Often, what happens with people in just one?

  • They don't feel any response.

  • They ingest another and another, and then a couple of hours later, feels weird and more weird than you would expect in people's reaction is a panic attack.

  • The other problem, he says, is that the T H C may now be equally distributed.

  • You get the side of the brownie trade that's got more of the T.

  • H C, and the other person gets some that's less.

  • You know, it depends on the concentrations.

  • How many milligrams you want.

  • Travis Peterson prepares cannabis infused food.

  • He says it comes down to proper technique.

  • A lot of these stories we hear these brownies and that were made in people's kitchens where they don't really know what they're doing.

  • They're just putting the cannabis in there.

  • You know, they're not properly emulsify ing that butter into the batter that better, higher, the better, he says.

  • Not everyone knows what their tolerance level is, which is why consumers are advised to take dosage limits seriously and pace themselves.

everybody that's a licensed door will carry them inside this legal cannabis store.


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マイアミ・ヒートの選手の食用品事件は訓話として機能する (Miami Heat player’s edibles incident serves as a cautionary tale)

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