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  • good evening.

  • It has been less than two weeks since NDP leader Carol James declared an end to all of the party infighting, and she told her dissidents to go back to work.

  • That has not happened, and instead she is now gearing up for the political fight of her life.

  • Again, James has called another emergency caucus meeting in the coming days.

  • Toe hold her rebellious AM L.

  • A.

  • Is the so called Baker's Dozen accountable for their own going mutiny.

  • But as James insists that she can pull the party back together and back from the brink, the M L.

  • A.

  • From Victoria, Beacon Hill is facing some of the strongest backlash from Vancouver Island colleagues.

  • Eighties Legislature reporter Strachey Girl joins Us Now with our top story Hudson Carol James is calling the descent unacceptable and a threat to the party's very existence.

  • The dissidents say that out of everyone, they are the rial Democrats of the New Democratic Party, and neither side is prepared to back down.

  • It goes without saying that these have been challenging times for New Democrats and challenging times for myself.

  • Carol James says she will meet the latest challenge to her leadership flanked by her own gang of supporters.

  • The NDP leader is not quitting.

  • Instead, she's setting out an ultimatum to those who would see her go at a caucus meeting expected this weekend.

  • Every M L A will be held accountable for their behavior.

  • That behavior, weeks of party infighting, subversion and calls for her to quit.

  • It started in October with M L.

  • A Bob Simpson being bounced from caucus and hit a peak November 19th when caucus whipped Catrine Conroy quit her post.

  • I'm leaving because I no longer have the support, trust or confidence of the leader or the full car.

  • That led to a showdown the next day at a meeting in Victoria of the NDP Executive.

  • Yellow scarves meant you were with Carol James.

  • No scarves meant you weren't 13.

  • The so called Baker's dozen were not among them.

  • M.

  • L.

  • A's Lana Papa MME.

  • Lenard croak Doug Bradley and Claire Trevena from Vancouver Island.

  • Jenny Kwan from Vancouver.

  • She survived that confidence vote.

  • Get on with the work that we have to do, and I expect that members will do that.

  • What if they don't?

  • I expect members will do that if they don't I will expect members to do that.

  • But yesterday Kwan was slamming the leader again.

  • We need to have party renewal that we need to have a democratic process in place and to allow for you one member, one vote leadership convention.

  • That's not acceptable to me.

  • That is not acceptable to our party.

  • That is not acceptable to the majority of our caucus.

  • With her job very much on the line, James is telling her dissenters, Toe own up, Shut up or get out.

  • Are we going to continue the kind of infighting and disintegration that we're seeing, or are we going to stand up and show British Columbians that we are ready to govern?

  • But as those words are being spoken, dissidents are pushing back.

  • I don't think it's really the language of conciliation.

  • I can say that far is holding me to account.

  • I'm I'm accountable for for what I've been doing.

  • I don't I don't see how expressing my feelings on an issue would cause me any distance from the party that I represent.

  • What happens next?

  • Will those dissenting M.

  • L.

  • A's step out or be kicked out of caucus and form their own party.

  • I'm not going to speculate on that.

  • What?

  • I'm working for his positive change within the party.

  • But there is plenty of speculation going on over whether Carol James can really stare down her enemies and over whether her enemies, in trying to bring her down, will destroy the party itself.

  • So she actually the dissidents are calling for a leadership convention.

  • But who do they want to lead the party instead?

  • It's a great question, Hudson, and it really doesn't have an obvious answer.

  • The dissidents won't say if there's any among them who would rather take on that job.

  • I've asked them directly, and they won't name any potential successors, even from outside the party.

  • They do say that if Carol James re applies for her job and wins through that membership and leadership convention, they will accept the will of party members.

  • But without a challenger, who else are party members gonna vote for Hudson?

  • That is what Carol James's campus saying, Girl reporting shots.

good evening.


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ジェームス、反対派の「説明責任」を果たすことを誓い、緊急議会を招集 (James Vows to Hold Dissenters "Accountable" Calls Emergency Caucus Meeting)

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