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  • Oh, hello! Youre here rather early. Just in time to help with Lord and Lady Braybrooke’s


  • breakfast, so we must get on. Breakfast may not be the most important meal


  • of the day, but that’s no excuse for making it plain and boring. Today I’m making kedgeree,


  • one of Lady Braybrooke’s favourite dishes to have for breakfast. So for this you will


  • need: Six ounces of cooked rice. Six ounces of cooked

    そのために次のものが必要になります。 米 170g (6オンス=170g)、調理済みの魚 170g、

  • fish. One teaspoon of cayenne pepper. One to two tablespoons of butter. Half a teaspoon

    唐辛子パウダー 小さじ1杯、バター 大さじ1~2杯、 塩 小さじ1/2杯

  • of salt. Two eggs. A gill of cream. And for garnishing parsley, quail’s eggs and prawns.

    卵 2個、クリーム 150ml (1ギル=142ml)、 そして飾り用にパセリ、ウズラの卵、エビ。

  • It’s important to make breakfast a good and substantial meal. For the family when


  • shooting might not after breakfast until four o’clock in the afternoon for shooting tea,


  • just as the light is fading. For this dish I am using this really nice

    この料理のために、すでに牛乳に浸して火を通した とても素晴らしいタラを使っています。

  • piece of cod which I’ve already cooked and poached in milk. You could use a smoked fish,

    燻製された魚を使うこともできますが、 朝食には強すぎるでしょう。

  • but that would be far too strong for breakfast. You must make sure you have all your ingredients


  • ready because kedgeree is a dish that needs a firm hand. I’m just breaking up my fish

    ちょうど魚を大きなフレークに砕いています。 卵はすでに泡立てており、シルビアが米に塊がないことを確認しています。

  • into large flakes, I’ve already whisked my eggs and Sylvia has made sure there are


  • no lumps in my rice. Here I have everything ready for the garnishing. And now to the pan.


  • To begin with have your pan nice and hot to melt the butter. Then add the rice. And then

    まず、バターを溶かすためにフライパンを熱します。 その後、米を追加し、バターに完全になじむまで徐々に混ぜます。

  • gradually stir it in until it’s completely soaked in the butter. And now, with slightly


  • less heat from your stove, add your fish. Fold the fish in with the rice and the butter


  • until it’s all nice a brown. I’m now going to add a pinch of salt, some cayenne pepper


  • and now it’s time to add the eggs and a little cream.


  • Fold these in together, try not to break up the fish flakes too much, but also do not

    魚を小さくしすぎないように一緒に混ぜ合わせます。 また、卵を焼きすぎないようにしましょう。

  • overcook the eggs. There we are, and now I better get this to the table.


  • To garnish the dish I’ve chopped up the parsley and then I’ve halved the hard boiled

    料理を飾るためにパセリを刻んで 茹でたウズラの卵を半分に切り、

  • quail’s eggs, shelled the prawns and decorated it like this.


  • As breakfast is served as a buffet I’m going to keep this warm by putting hot water inside

    朝食はビュッフェとして用意されるので、 このホットプレートにお湯を注いで温かく保ちます。

  • this hot plate. Many dishes are served for breakfast but I always try and serve this

    朝食には多くの料理が出されますが、 ブレイブルック夫人のお気に入りと知っているので、 いつもこうします。

  • because I know it’s lady Braybrooke’s favourite. And I have to say I agree with


  • her. It’s truly delicious.


Oh, hello! Youre here rather early. Just in time to help with Lord and Lady Braybrooke’s



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