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  • everyone welcome to this full moon said your astrology forecasts for the full moon on Monday, March 9th, 2000 and 20.

  • All right, so full moon and Leo, if you're expecting me to say Virgo just then be sure to check out the link down below.

  • We're using the actual size of the constellations, which is different from mainstream astrology.

  • All right, so second, full Moon and Leo, we had the last one here as well.

  • So great to further develop are expressive side Leo's about cultivating our playfulness, which leads to self expression and ultimately developing the things that were proud off.

  • So with this, we have an opposition up to deep watering Neptune so good to find balance with receptivity.

  • The sun's gonna be shifting into Paice is our focus will likely be on more receptive things for the next roughly a month and 1/2.

  • And other than that, some tribes were trying up to Pluto's.

  • Maybe some empowerment with Jupiter.

  • Maybe some inspirations or potentials and with Mars may be feeling about a bit self assured or confident or direct with that trying.

  • And lastly, mercury is going station direct today and tomorrow, so a lot of things we've been reworking, rethinking now begin to shift forward with specifically any future matters or visions.

  • We may have all rights.

  • Let's take a look at all of this here in more detail or Richard.

  • All right, So here's the chart for the full moon Now a quick announcement down below in the comments section, there is a link to a New insiders community that I've created.

  • It is essentially a newsletter with extra videos, Um, some personalized horoscopes for those of you into those video horoscopes and also community events announcement.

  • So if you do want extra videos, extra content and to be a part of this community, do check out MTZ insiders.

  • There'll be a sign uplink down below.

  • All right, let's take a look at the full moon.

  • Here's the chart for the full moon.

  • It will be at 13 16 Eastern Time of the Americas on Monday, March 9th.

  • So if you do wanna make that calculation forever, you are in the world.

  • But for all intents and purposes, it will be around Monday.

  • All right, so here's the moon.

  • At the very end of Leo.

  • This is the second full moon that we've had here.

  • The first time was at the beginning, and now this one is at the end.

  • Since Leo is, of course, a larger constellation.

  • So great to do a status check with the qualities of ourself that represent our self expression, one of the things that are close to our hearts, one of things that we find fun and what we're proud of, You know, Leo really is about that dignified energy of expressing herself and also cultivating the things that we're proud of or close to our hearts.

  • It's a really good time to do a status check with this full moon.

  • How is that side of ourself doing?

  • And how can we further develop it for the next two weeks and maybe even the next six months here in the lunar and solar cycle?

  • So that's what full moons are about.

  • This heightens part of the lunar month.

  • Great for doing a status check.

  • With these Leo qualities, we may gain some insights during the full moon, and with these insights, we may decide to do some shifting and pivoting along the life journey.

  • So give it some time going into Tuesday, maybe as faras Wednesday but great to do this status, check and see how maybe there are some things you can shift with to further develop this expressive and ultimately proud energy of Leo into her life.

  • So with that fire, we do have a lot of water going on.

  • We've had the sun recently passed over deep watering Neptune, which is gonna be in a very close opposition up to the full moon.

  • And the sun is going to be entering receptive prices for roughly the next month and 1/2.

  • So with this great to find balance with water, energies of life, right prices is about, and Neptune is about receptivity.

  • You know, being receptive and accepting what is being presence, listening to our intuition being sold, guided and at the end of the day, really accepting what issue?

  • No finding more peace in our life, more wholeness.

  • And so that's why it's important to be sold, guided in, to listen to our intuition and to access a bit of that receptivity because it eventually does lead to more of that piece in her life and more wholeness so good to incorporate some of that, but with balance, because there might be with on opposition.

  • Maybe a tendency to go either too far into the water realms or not enough.

  • And so anything we could do to find that balance.

  • That healthy receptivity, healthy, soul guided nous, right, healthy spirituality, wholeness is a great way of working with the full moon and will likely be the strongest element of it.

  • But along with that opposition, we do have some tribes and is trying this Stelian that we've had over in sanitary ISS, including recently Mars, Jupiter, Ploo toe and a bit sadder.

  • So a lot of planets here in the fellow fire sign of Sagittarius.

  • So trying a bit more supportive with these planets, we could be feeling maybe a bit direct, maybe self assured, with Mars good to take initiative in action again in this fire sign, maybe to expand our horizons a bit with sanitary is we could be quite inspired, perhaps with the trying to Jupiter, where I may be a bit of adventurousness, inspiration, open mindedness available a swell and with a train up to ploo toe, maybe some deep energy that could be quite supportive, so feeling maybe a bit empowered with this full moon and willing to transform things and make changes and very slightly.

  • Saturn, who's been a part of all this, may be quite grounded or disciplined.

  • So a lot of planets activating from the triangle aspect to the full moon in sanitary ISS, which is the fact that it's been a great time collectively to continue to transform, expand and put energy into our spirited side, the side that is adventurous side that wants to expand our horizons, be open minded and shift perspective, right?

  • This could all be supportive with this full moon here.

  • All right, so so, yeah.

  • Other than this, Mercury is going station direct after his three week retrograde these past three weeks.

  • And that's gonna be taking us into Tuesday here.

  • So on Monday with the full moon while we're doing the status check.

  • Good.

  • To maybe slow down with what we've been rethinking or even just thinking or redoing or having to be flexible with these past three weeks, because there's a lot of things up in the air during Mercury retrograde.

  • There's information it still needs to solidify, and a lot of it can be about maybe some of these future matters or collective matters with it all in Aquarius.

  • So do expect those things to be shifting.

  • But it may take a little bit into Tuesday and Wednesday for those things to then move forward.

  • So on Monday, allowing things to just kind of pause, see what maybe we've learned the past few weeks and maybe even noticing something's starting to shift direction and begin to move forward here into early next week with anything we've been thinking about working on, um, and just, you know, being aware of in regards to future things or our visions in general.

  • All right, so that is the most important things here with the full moon.

  • But we do, of course, still have a bit of Venus over Uranus from yesterday.

  • So if there were any new shifts of values, any new relationship energies, anything that's been a quite different or outside of your norm that has been starting to emerge, it could be a good day of integrating that great to mix things up with our enjoyments with their values with relationships.

  • And that's setting a new beginning for a yearly sense.

  • With those matters coming into the day, aren't everyone says the full moon in a nutshell.

  • Most important thing is we have this full moon in expressive Leo.

  • Great.

  • To do this status, check with this side of ourself and cultivate again that things were proud of and get into some of that fire energy, fun, energy, creative energy with Leo and asking yourself, How can we do that while balancing it with water while maintaining receptivity, acceptance, listening to our soul, our intuition getting some rest, perhaps right, finding balance with that deep water stuff.

  • But trying is up to a lot of planets with the still Liam and Secretary ISS which are fundamentally helping us expand our horizons and mercury going station direct in Aquarius.

  • Great to have that shift of perspective in regards to things have been rethinking or redoing the past few weeks.

  • All right, so everyone have a fantastic full moon.

  • Thank you so much for watching again.

  • Down below will be that linked to MTZ insiders if you want to join that But you have a great one.

  • Thank you again for all of your support and I'll see you all next time for the next daily video.

everyone welcome to this full moon said your astrology forecasts for the full moon on Monday, March 9th, 2000 and 20.


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