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Ellen loves to bring the best in everything both owners show.
And in real life she is always excited on her.
Show you Theo to play all the fun games and interview celebrities, but she doesn't hold back.
When someone tries to take a jab.
Bitter are led.
Let me start by saying, My eyes are up here This year I decided to go.
Is something really scary?
Half naked?
She's Ellen.
After all.
Here is some of the awkward moments where celebrities tried to insult her on her show.
Justin Timberlake.
This happened to be a light hearted one.
Justin Timberlake is one of Allen's clothes rents, and he also happens to be your favorite to appear on the show.
So this moment was actually funny instead of awkward.
When he insulted Ellen for forgetting the lyrics to his hit song.
Can't stop the feeling.
Justin said that she repeatedly saying the line just electric, just electric, just electric.
He went on to say to Ellen, who happen to be pretty embarrassed, that it was pretty clear that the actual lyric was just imagine I, Theo generous, then pleaded with the audience to validate the error to which Timberlake replied.
I don't think anyone raise their hand.
It turned down to be all fun and even twitch.
The deejay on the show laughed in.
His boss is falling, and he even played that song again to that part, Boo Ellen to audience member.
This'd is not about a celebrity, but things got real awkward on Ellen when Ellen DeGeneres caught one of her audience members stealing like a whole lot of stuff from her shows Give shop Whatever you say, I'm going through it anyway.
It all started when Ellen put out a big table of swag before the taping.
An audience members were told they could each have one item for free.
But what the audience didn't know was that Ellen had put hidden cameras to watch them.
Now, almost everyone was honest, like a lady who really wanted a hat in a T shirt.
But she told her friend she would just buy the hat later.
But Alan, being generous, decided to give her the hat for free, so her honesty was rewarded.
But then there was this lady who did not notice those hidden cameras.
Yeah, I'm looking for your I d.
I don't trust you.
I want to make sure on with the help of a friend stole a bunch of stuff.
She circled back to the table three different times to steal as much as she could without arousing suspicion.
So Ellen decided to shame this woman on national television and, well, things got pretty uncomfortable.
She seemed pretty uncomfortable, too.
And later, after the show, she slammed her appearance on the show and went on to say to tabloids that Ellen is not a kind celebrity at all.
ONNA Dale Orantes She is a celebrity chef who has her own show on Food Network.
In 2017 she was invited by Ellen for a cooking segment of the show.
Take all these tomatoes and half for Me, Lord, but things did not go the way.
As they might have planned.
G Oddest seemed way too excited, and in that excitement she made some lame sexual jokes.
Nicole Kidman was also a part of the segment.
What went down was G.
Otta asked both Ellen and Nicole to help her make Rice ball.
Ellen failed to do so.
First of all, she insulted Ellen for having no culinary skills, and she even went on to crack some lame sexual jokes.
Children would love this.
Close your eyes.
Yes, saying Ellen's balls air falling apart.
It's just making a mess of my work.
She also aimed at Nicole and said that the woman who can't cook made the perfect ball, although both kept themselves calm and continued smiling to keep things cool.
But they did.
Took a chance to fight back when G.
Otta presented themselves with the Rice ball and they seem to make bitter face and said that the rice balls were a little tough.
Like for Katy Perry, Katy Perry had a worst break up with former husband Russell Brand.
He divorced her on a text message just before she was going to be performing live on a show for tour.
That is fantastic.
Thank you look like a like a futuristic Katie never fully recovered from the disastrous situation of her life.
Years later, she made appearance on The Ellen Show, and things went a little too awkward.
She seemed to have forgot that Katie had married Russell.
Yes, you heard that right?
Ellen completely forgot her marriage to Russell, saying surprisingly, were you married?
His name was Russell brand, Perry whispered before mining scissors with their hands.
She then yelled at her.
Remember, you gave me some wedding gifts on this show, To which Ellen kept saying the word cool, still acting surprised and claim that they will cut this part.
But the video was still uploaded on the YouTube channel.
Oh, that's right.
I forgot about Russell.
Jennifer Lawrence.
Jennifer Lawrence has always been notorious about the way she speaks without thinking about the consequences, whether it's about cursing the paparazzi or criticizing someone on live television.
She has always been vocal about everything, and this happened on The Ellen Show to where she made a transphobic joke, which seemed to annoy the host.
Hey there, Hi.
The audience is so well live it feel like I know you, yeah, she joked about her cat, and she said that she likes to call it Chazz Bono because of the masculine energy it has.
What is harmful in that you may ask, Well, let us tell you that Chazz Bono is the transgender son of Sharon Sonny Bono.
She went on to say that all cats are female and how it's just weird for a cat act like a boy, whatever that means.
Way mostly talk about walkies and bone.
Good girl.
While Ellen was prepared to show a slide show of the cute kid things didn't go the way they were supposed to, she really was awkward about it and remain silent, which made Ellen go silent.
And it appeared to Jennifer that something unintended might have happened.
A cat, but like you assume for she's a boy because normally dogs are boys and cancer Girl's right.
Caitlyn Jenner.
Well, most of the moments seem to be pretty lighthearted.
Things escalated to a serious level when Caitlyn Jenner was invited for the interview.
Republican and interview started out to be pretty good and both discussed about transgender rights and the LGBT community.
Ellen even praise Caitlin for her work in transgender activism.
But things went pretty awkward when Ellen, as Caitlyn, about her past opposition about the community and the answer was not so okay.
She said that she used to be a traditionalist and wanted to keep the idea of marriage between a man and a woman.
But Ellen didn't seem to think of it as being true.
Yeah, it was it was grating.
Everybody was there.
We had a lot of, she said.
It's funny because you're still kind of a little not on board with it.
But Caitlin insisted that this wasn't true.
To which Ellen describe that same sex couple seek.
The same equality is she advocates about the transgender rights.
The tension continued to escalate off screen as well.
When Caitlin slam both her appearance and interview on the show, saying that she was painted to be bad and was being alienated from the LGBT community, Ellen To said in an interview that she didn't get Caitlin stance on the subject.
Ellen Shaded Caitlyn went on to say, Maybe she didn't want to dance with me cause I'm a lesbian.
Well, don't mess with Ellen.
That's all we have to say.
My experience has been people in this seven.
Sean Hayes, Sean Hey, stop by the Ellen Show, and it was all fun until both of them got into a pretty rhetorical find.
They had to play a game called Battle of the Gays, and it all seemed fun.
It played out like this pays first wanted to generous is inability to smoothly transition from question to question the generous counter punched by mentioning the original cancellation of Will and Grace.
So you know, I was supposed to be here two weeks ago.
Yes, you were.
And people don't know this.
But as Ellen semi awkwardly tried to turn the conversation toward Will and Grace, John quipped, So seamless.
No wonder you've been on for 15 years, he said that it was longer than your sitcom, to which Ellen through the final bomb, saying, That's right.
I had to come first for y'all to do that sitcom.
Go ahead.
Ellen is referencing her ABC sitcom series Ellen, which was canceled in 1997 about you Okay, after the comedian publicly came out as gay one year later, Will and Grace premiered bythe on this particular show.
Yes, eight.
Wendy Williams Wendy Williams is one of the most outspoken celebrities out there, infamous for her notoriously unfiltered segment of the Wendy Williams show, where drags every other celebrity every Monday.
We rightly call her Azalea Banks of the talk shows.
Even most of the time, she has been dragged for opinions.
Same happened on The Ellen Show, as both are the host of most talked about TV shows There has always been a light rivalry between them, and Wendy doesn't leave a chance to take a jab.
It Ellen like when she was invited as a guest on The Ellen Show.
Back in 2013 she criticized Ellen for being vegan, inexplicably asking, How do you live without Bacon?
Ellen didn't Hyder disdain and suddenly replied, Well, because I think pigs are very smart animals.
Three years later, Wendy was again invited for a game of heads up, and things went awkward here, too.
In the game, Wendy had to help Ellen guest celebrities by giving her clues.
It happened that Justin Bieber's name came up during the game, to which Windy gave the clue that some people say that he looks like you.
Ellen laughed it off and said that he was adorable but still take a chill windy.
And some people say that he looks like way.
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Fine thing.
Video is over.
Now you'll find something else to watch Way had a lot of fun, but you can't say on this entry forever.
This'll radio was over now.
So why are you still watching this?


10 Celebs Who Insulted Ellen DeGeneres ON Ellen

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