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  • Let's talk about this.

  • It's a great story because Florence Foster Jenkins came out and people, the critics went insane for this movie.

  • They have now re released it for awards season, which I think is really smart because it is a fantastic movie.

  • Thank you.

  • And it's you Hugh Grant.

  • Meryl Streep.

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, that's got to be blowing your mind that you're in that movie.

  • Yeah, it was the three of you.

  • It's the three of us.

  • I just I moved to London for a summer and went to work with Meryl Streep and you, Grant and I I almost landed in the hospital from just anxiety attacks.

  • But I you know, I I found out that Hugh, who is so debonair and charming, also panics all the time.

  • And he had something called, I think a panic sack or something, which, you know, when you meet a man for the first time in the starts, talking about his panic sack, you know, you want to run the other way.

  • But he's British.

  • Yeah.

  • What's in his panic sack?

  • What is it that you never asked?

  • Can't just dangle something like that.

  • You can say yes and he did right over my way.

  • Why?

  • This is a show primarily for Children.

  • Well, you know that our culture is dwindling.

  • Yeah, you know, he gets he gets very nervous, too.

  • So he but he seems so cool.

  • And he started to tell me that he carries this rescue remedy around with him, which is like a natural path thick.

  • It's like one of those things that it has, like, you know, like the elderflower route and the dandruff of a wizard or something.

  • Memories of a Buddhist dwarf or imbued.

  • And it's just it's nothing.

  • It's water, right?

  • But you, like, put it on your tongue, and it's supposed to calm you down.

  • And he was just like, you know, and before it was like, Oh, my God, Like here.

  • Crazy.

  • But meanwhile, my wife had given me all of these little, like cocaine, vials of essential oils, and they looking thing that you said cocaine vials of essential oils way together.

  • I thought at first you're like, Well, I got okay on that.

  • Really set me down for anxiety.

  • Like good.

  • Okay, natural path thick.

  • Okay.

  • But you know, those like vials in the movies that around one.

  • Right?

  • Right.

  • So I was in my dressing room and like, they knock on the door again.

  • Me and I'd have this by and I'd be like blathering myself and patchouli because you're supposed to put it on your like, shock, Rose.

  • And it's supposed to calm you.

  • And so I was We went to the table, read, and Hugh was, like, all dosed up on, you know, wizard water.

  • And I was all oily, lathered up, sitting like, Hey, Mara, you have a great time today.

  • How many Oscars?

  • Doesn't matter.

  • I have a lot of oil all over my body, huh?

Let's talk about this.


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