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  • Spurs.

  • It's over.

  • You're not winning the title this year.

  • I think we all do that.

  • 10 points point.

  • Chelsea.

  • It's all about consolidating Champions League football now, and who knows?

  • This might be here to divisional barracks.

  • Then again, didn't we all say that last year?

  • Won seven of the last 10 and don't seem like there isn't air Ikeda at all, and not because Vincent Jansen has suddenly woken up and remember that he's a striker.

  • Let's not go crazy because Anne Erickson and so on have continued their goal scoring for Latino continues to work his magic.

  • To think the country was open arms whenever based Nigel Adkins four years ago and could even be set for a move to Barcelona the end of the season.

  • It'll be a tough trip to Burnley, though, even if they haven't actually lost the Clarence in seven years earlier.

  • Enjoying a pretty decent season, I've never really been in danger of litigation and are currently eight points clear off the drop zone.

  • However, they haven't actually one for seven games now, one of which included a one nil defeat to Lincoln City.

  • Bit embarrassing, However, that's probably because five of those games came away from home.

  • As we all know, Burleigh go to absolute pieces whenever they leave turf.

  • Moor, the car asshole form is the third best in the league, having one night for 14 which makes that defeat Lincoln all the more perplexing.

  • They haven't been beaten a Turf Moor in the league since November.

  • So best of luck with that Spurs Andre Graze Me tip for England, which I think just shows how desperate the country's gotten Robbie Brady, Irish hero, has settled in just point, while Joey Barton has done a good job and making everybody forget that he walked out on the globe nearly a year ago.

  • First won't find it easy, and Sean likes man, that's for sure.

  • So what's gonna happen?

  • Are Spurs gonna strengthen their grip on second place?



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バーンリーVトッテナムの試合プレビュー (Burnley v Tottenham Match Preview)

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