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  • the skill and expertise at ST Thomas's infectious diseases unit is being tested again.

  • London's first case of Corona virus rushed here and straight into isolation.

  • The unidentified patient was infected in China on diagnosed in the capital.

  • As one Corona virus patient enters the unit, one has been given the all clear.

  • Steve Walsh was discharged earlier and is now back at home and reunited with his family.

  • He said in a statement.

  • I'm happy to be home and feeling well.

  • I want to give a big thank you to the N hs who have been great throughout on my thoughts are with everyone around the world who continues to be affected by the virus.

  • It's good to be back with my family and I would ask you, please, to respect our privacy From this point on.

  • Mr.

  • Walsh caught the virus in Singapore on as he traveled to France and then home to England, he unwittingly infected 11 Britain's Professor Keith Will it be N.

  • H s lead on Corona, Virus said.

  • I'm pleased to say that falling to negative tests for Corona virus 24 hours apart, Mr Walsh has been discharged from Guy's and ST Thomas's N Hs Foundation Trust.

  • Having made a full recovery following his treatment, Mr Walsh's symptoms were mild.

  • Aunt.

  • He's no longer contagious and poses no risk to the public.

  • Steve Walsh was brought here to the infectious diseases unit the last Thursday.

  • Six days later on, he's back at home.

  • The emergency is over for him, but for the rest of the country, it goes on where Mr Walsh lives.

  • There is still understandable concern, including here at Worthing Hospital, where one health worker was infected.

  • It's worrying.

  • I work at the hospital, so you know, it's one of those situations where you knew that possibly was gonna come to the hospital, sometimes being stuffed in Brighton.

  • So is worrying, but at the same time, I think that it's contained.

  • So I'm coming to work as normal at the moment.

  • Local schools remain open, but they're allowing parents to decide if their Children attend.

  • I just decided to go out because they could have just shut the school down and give it clean down, you know, So I'm not taking any chance.

  • The fears of an outbreak are not restricted to Brighton to prisoners here at Hmp Bullingdon in Oxfordshire, are being tested for the virus.

  • One has been named as Mark John Rumble.

  • He was transferred here from a jail in Thailand two weeks ago.

  • Thai authorities confirmed his identity and insist he was not presenting with any symptoms when he was put on the flight to Britain.

  • There were real concerns that this virus would strike other towns on cities.

  • It waas only a matter of time.

  • She's Joshi Sky news.

the skill and expertise at ST Thomas's infectious diseases unit is being tested again.


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