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  • Steve Dotto here. When Apple released iOS 6 and they revealed Siri to the world, this

  • intelligent voice recognition assistant, a lot of us got really excited about the potential

  • of what Siri might represent to us. Indeed, a lot of Siri’s potential has become a reality.

  • I use Siri on a regular basis now for sending texts. I very seldom type a text in anymore.

  • I use it for email in my phone. I use it for doing searches and asking it where things

  • are. But none of those things have really changed the way that I do things. Theyre

  • more convenient now because I do it with my voice instead of having to look down at the

  • phone but they haven’t really changed anything. The thing that has changed for me with Siri

  • is ideas, how I remember things. When our mind is relaxed, when were driving somewhere

  • or when were out for a walk, we remember the things that we have to do or we come up

  • with great ideas. Some of us do it in our sleep and then we write it down on a notepad

  • beside our bed. Then of course we wake up in the morning and we realize that was not

  • a good idea but typically speaking when youre walking or driving and you come up with a

  • good idea, it is a good or something that’s important. There's no convenient way to capture

  • that. Some people make a phone call to themselves and leave a voicemail message, which I always

  • thought was kind of an awful lot of work for remembering something. Siri does a brilliant

  • job of sending reminders and it does it in such a way that it will intelligently remind

  • us when we need to know. Let me show you how this works. So I’m driving

  • around in the car and I remember I’ve got to get the dogs a haircut. I enable Siri,

  • Remind me when I get home to call the groomers and make an appointment for Farley.” That

  • was a little long-winded. Let’s see. [Sire: Here’s your reminder for when you get home.

  • Should I create it?] That’s fantastic. Yes, you shall. I will confirm that and now Farley

  • will get his haircut. [Siri: Okay, I’ll remind you.] Thank you. Don’t interrupt

  • anymore. That is brilliant. So now because I have location services enabled

  • on my iPhone, as I pull into my driveway, Siri will let me know. Let me show you. This

  • is an important step that you have to do. You have to go in your Settings and into your

  • Privacy Settings within your iPhone and you have to enable Location Services and turn

  • them on. Then you have to select which of the applications can access Location Services.

  • Now this is an important privacy issue and also battery life issue as well. You have

  • to tell which applications can actually know where you are physically at any time. If I

  • turned that on in Siri, which I have down here, Siri will let me know when I’m pulling

  • into the driveway. As I drive onto my driveway, reminders will bing and it will go, “Remember

  • to call the groomers.” When I sit down on my computerthat will sync with my desktop

  • computerthe reminder will come up on my desktop as well. It is a spectacular way to

  • organize yourself better. You don’t have to say when I get home. We

  • can also do the same thing like, “Siri, remind me at 4 PM to go shopping.” I don’t

  • know why I do that. [Siri: Here’s a reminder for tomorrow at 4 PM.] Perfect. [Siri: Shall

  • I create it?] No, I think I’m going to pass on that because it’s really not that good

  • a message. [Siri: Okay, I’m not going to.] Thank you very much. I should point out that

  • it said, “tomorrow at 4 PMbecause it’s after 4 PM on the day that I’m recording

  • this. If I had been recording it at 9 in the morning and said remind me at 4 PM, it would

  • have said, “4 PM today.” Using Siri for these sorts of internal messages, personal

  • messages, or reminders is a tremendous way of taking advantage of the technology and

  • keeping ourselves that much more efficient. I hope you found this little video useful

  • today. If you have, please give us some props. Give us a like. Don’t forget you can also

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  • one a week. I’m Steve Dotto. Thanks so much for spending time with me today.

  • [END OF VIDEO] Steve Dotto0The Best Way to Use Siri0March

  • 26, 2013

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Steve Dotto here. When Apple released iOS 6 and they revealed Siri to the world, this


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