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  • wait itself in deep space.

  • We sleep almost on going into a deep dark inside my dreams they build business Nothing here is ever in the land of haven't got a clue I'm to blame for anything I do in the couldn't give you Pay your money and leave every single Come on, states It's only just gone For you and me I pushed my head into a sound music seco of time resonating round comet trails courses, tales ride and endless lights beyond the coming morning Beyond coming all around us A great big book of wonder wear on these movements in mine They belong to me by bathing you know sea of trying is watching you on me under everything we do is way too smooth stinks Jesus slides just gone for you and me It finds no relief way Find it in ourselves ever to conceive a city's chock and islands disappear in smoke That maybe what we're doing in some way could provoke forms of shifting Nature makes its way the speed of change forcing tears our souls away The moon is full rivers high What will become of you and I you me wait way too smooth me.

  • Everyone is watching you on me and everything way.

  • So it's only just gone for you and me.

wait itself in deep space.


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アン・クラーク - 満月 (Anne Clark - Full Moon)

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    林宜悉 に公開 2021 年 01 月 14 日