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  • job in Evil was my idol when I grew up.

  • They've made John when I was 10 years old.

  • Complexity it be re tournament.

  • I scored a hat trick that day and John was there.

  • We took a picture together.

  • He was putting a cap on my head and said, Maybe one day we'll see you in the NHL.

  • Born and thirst.

  • So Quebec Gay LaFleur played with an elegance and natural talent reminiscent of his idol.

  • He wore Bella Bo's number four and shattered junior scoring records with the Quebec ramparts.

  • The Canadians held the first pick in the 1971 draft, and until draft day there was some question as to whether they would select the floor or ST Catherine standout Marcel Dionne.

  • You were when your kid your dream is to eventually play in the NHL and to play with your team.

  • Montreal Canadien because they were the best and because of the chance of winning the Stanley Cup, nicknamed The Flower LaFleur start in Montreal was anything but easy.

  • He didn't have a great rookie season, it was fine.

  • But it was certainly not to the standards that you know was imagined of him in the second year, pretty much the same third year.

  • Pretty much the same expectations were too high.

  • He came as John Bella for retired.

  • They thought that LaFleur was coming in to replace Bell of all.

  • You don't replace a guy like that, and we shared the Vulcan way.

  • We're telling me one day it stopped listening to everybody.

  • Just play your style, get your confidence back and that's what I did at the first time I see you left real in the ice.

  • I went back home and I said, Wow, what a hockey player that guy is.

  • So there was just a matter of time that he was kind of beat One of the best player in the initial.

  • After those three years, he became the number one player in the league by a country mile.

  • In his fourth season, LaFleur netted 53 goals in 119 points, more than doubling his totals from the previous year.

  • It was the first of six consecutive seasons with 50 plus goals and 100 plus points.

  • During that time, LaFleur collected three straight scoring times, three straight Lester B Pearson Awards and to Hart trophies is M V.

  • p.

  • He was the Rocket Rashard of the seventies for Montreal fans.

  • Everyone watched the way that this guy skated and scored goals, and he was who I really wanted to be.

  • He was exciting.

  • He had one visual key that could describe that speed, and that was his hair going up the right side, 90 miles an hour, that long, hair going.

  • There were very few players who would actually lift you out of your seat.

  • But when LaFleur took the puck and his hair was flying behind him, people literally got out of their seats.

  • The Canadians won four straight Stanley Cups from 1976 to 1979.

  • LeFlore won the Conn Smythe, the 1977 and Paste playoff scoring for three consecutive season.

  • He scored 518 goals with Montreal before retiring 19 games into the 1984 85 season, but made a comeback four years later with the New York Rangers.

  • I told them, Just invite me to 20 camp first scrimmage, go stutter, right?

  • Takes a shot.

  • Foreign scores.

  • After a year in New York, he returned to Quebec to close out his career with the Nordiques.

  • I was on the ice was home because every time I was on the ice, I was the happiest guy in the world, especially the wearing.

  • The Montreal Canadian unity for G.

  • LaFleur's dream was to play for the Montreal Canadians.

  • He retired as the storied franchises all time leading scorer.

  • His 1246 points outrank a myriad of legends, including his childhood idol, John Bell abo.

job in Evil was my idol when I grew up.


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モントリオールで5度の優勝を果たしたガイ・ラフルール (Guy Lafleur won Cup five times in Montreal)

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