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good evening, and it's great to have you with us here on a Wednesday night, and we begin tonight with the race to contain the Corona virus coast to coast in Los Angeles, a state of emergency in New York City tonight, about 1000 people are now under self quarantine, all possibly coming in contact or linked a one man who is hospitalized in critical but stable condition tonight his wife, two Children and a neighbour, all testing positive.
One of his Children, a college student.
Classes canceled there in Los Angeles that state of emergency.
Six new cases there, including an airport worker doing medical screenings at l A X the death toll in the U.
Rising to at least 11 tonight.
The first death from California.
A passenger on a cruise ship during a roundtrip voyage from San Francisco.
B C's with Johnson leading us off with the efforts to contain the virus here in New York and across the country tonight, a scramble to contain the spread of the Corona virus in New York, about 1000 people ordered to self quarantine all possibly connected toe.
One patient in this hospital that is another 12345 People on again, all off this one attorney.
They're going to be hundreds in Westchester.
That 50 year old father now hospitalized in Manhattan in critical but stable condition.
His wife, two kids, a neighbor who drove him to the hospital and another family connected to his law firm.
Testing positive to the number of cases jumping to 11 local public school district.
Now closing to disinfect the buildings in California tonight, health officials say this Grand Princess cruise ship as likely linked to the state's first death from the Corona virus.
And a second infection, an elderly patient possibly exposed while traveling from San Francisco to Mexico.
The CDC, now investigating AH small cluster of cases of Cove in 19 in Northern California, traced back to that ship Princess Cruises, now urging any passengers who may have been exposed to stay in their rooms until you have been contacted and cleared by our medical staff.
That ship now turning around heading back to port in San Francisco tomorrow.
The CDC, working with Princess to determine the next steps in Los Angeles County Ah, local emergency after six new cases there, including an airport medical worker at L.
A X who is screaming for the virus across the country.
The numbers climbing at least 155 cases and 11 deaths outside of Seattle.
New modular homes for a temporary quarantine village.
And, today, another victim from this Kirkland nursing home in Washington state.
Families desperate for answers, worried about their elderly.
Loved ones are not answering the phones.
The lines are busy.
We've all been e mailing.
All the families are really worried, not knowing if our loved ones are even alive if they have the virus.
Teddy Tyler's mother was rushed to the hospital from the facility last week.
I just keep telling Mary Liver, I hope she gets here in Washington today, the president meeting about the virus, talking about the changes in behavior for all of us in the wake of the outbreak.
I haven't touched my face and weeks weeks miss it until let's get to with Johnson.
He joins us now from outside the hospital where that New York patient has now been transferred to, and we know what from your reporting that that patients in critical but stable condition tonight and they're not only trying to investigate who may have come in contact with the patient, but also who might have treated him in these various steps along the way.
David, we know at least eight employees from the first hospital where that patient was taken are now being tested for the Corona virus.
And now officials here at New York press material are investigating as well to see if anybody else may have been exposed and needs to be tested.
Governor Cuomo today warning that this is just the beginning and to expect dozens and dozens of more cases.
David, the governor reiterated what he's been saying for days now with Johnson Tonight with our thanks to you.
Hi, everyone.
George Stephanopoulos here.
Thanks for checking out the ABC News YouTube channel.
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Coronavirus cases linked to sick NY man jumps to 11 | WNT

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