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well, three points for Liverpool is the march on towards the title.
How did they play today, Stevie?
Um well, there were better than born with, but from the sort of standards that they've set over the last 18 months, it was very Betty per possession.
Not that many chances on, in fact, Sala.
With the first goal, it was through a defender's legs which unstated the goalkeeper.
It wasn't even the best pass from money.
I have horrible, but they got they got the job done.
That board with Cole.
I'm sorry.
That's a free cake on people.
Real fared in under new casing or he's got to be stronger is office feet and he gets pushed in the back.
So how can you be stronger?
What is he talking exactly?
It's a nonsense.
It's a free cake and this is why annoys me.
Because Var has had a look in the late snow, a clear and obvious error.
We saw it later in the day.
Why does the ref not just go over to the monitor and take a look for himself?
Let him have the final say.
Did you agree it was a push?
Oh my goodness.
you kidding?
And this, You know, one of the statements that came of the LM was called pgmol Be Joe said I said that Oliver didn't overrule the referee because it wasn't a clear and obvious it.
Can somebody explain to me when an error is made, you can turn around and see.
It's not clear and obvious when it leads to a goal.
Surely that's what vials a boat to help the referee with something that he never saw.
So I must get rid of this clear and obvious, because what does it mean?
I mean, really, what does it mean, anyway?
Liverpool one.
While not while lot of their best now, the fixtures they've got coming up this game against that lady.
If there's one team that you would pick to defend the one no lead, they'd certainly be in contention for that now.
Yeah, three more wins in the league on.
Get that done.
How you feel in ahead of the athletic again, I think we'll score, you know?
Um, that's it.
Lady saved a cane off.
I think I've been leaning on the reputation of PVS Athletics saves his father's defendants concerned.
You know, you have to give him great credit on the first leg.
They did defend fantastic well in a Liverpool that even get Shawntel again.
No, that is defendant.
But that's not the norm for this athletic team.
You know they have to turn around and do it two games in a truck.
I'm not so sure they could do that.
And that's why I think Liverpool score bought.
Yeah, but defensively look vulnerable.
I mean, look, look vulnerable again today against Boardman?
Yeah, and that's that's That's where my warriors more.
He's not scoring goals.
My word is losing goals.
Adriana confident with him behind you?
Um, not particularly.
He he actually started this season when Alison was Oh, it was fantastic.
But, you know, midweek Onda geun against board with He looks a little shaky just finally.
And you and I have spoken about Jordan handle some quiet, quiet.
But this season we've missed him lately.
Yes, suddenly Onda Way that he plays.
He's like the glue that just keeps them all together.
And hopefully from a Liverpool perspective, he's back so well, he's become a true Compton.
Yeah, you know he's the following him whenever he's on the field, the rest of following them on, you know, Club has said that he will train on Monday.
I would suggest if he's no engine, because he's clearly not gonna be much for if he's not injured, I think you started.
And if he blows a gasket after half for dinner or whatever, it may be their nuts faint.
But I think I think his presence would be huge against Atletico Madrid.
That was the market champions today.
They've not played well of late.
They want other breast against boredom with, but they won on the march on towards the title.
Thanks so much for watching ESPN on YouTube on for more sports highlights and analysis, be sure to download the ESPN app and for premium content on live streaming, subscribed to ESPN plus.


Liverpool vs. Bournemouth reaction: Jurgen Klopp's side are defensively vulnerable | ESPN FC

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