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  • My name is Mercy Vanda on 23 years old, from prison.

  • Hi.

  • And I'm gonna be hitting my head.

  • Formerly it was owners.

  • That's Burgess and Roman outs.

  • Believe none of us see which stands for autism inspection.

  • Spectrum spectrum distort our story.

  • Growing up with a C which wasn't easy at times Love much Witches can get pretty severe, you know, to the point.

  • You know, there are some controllable for a certain amount of time.

  • Do you get quite frustrated?

  • Whatever happens, you know when I get nervous and stuff music from a it's definitely get away And it's I love you.

  • I actually grew up in a force of family.

  • Glad that I grew up in a very supportive family, you know, like honestly couldn't wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Supporting me tonight isn't my foster mom.

  • She is beyond amazing.

  • And Simon is like a big brother to me.

  • Tonight I'll be seen perfect by Ed Sheeran.

  • I love this phone.

  • Seriously, do Tony Shea I travel best to not let the nerves getting away.

  • I found me beautiful.

  • I never knew way Wait, wait with you.

  • Listen, Thio, I have faith.

  • I have in Angel Person.

  • And she looks way.

  • Thank you.

  • Hey, how are you?

  • I'm good.

  • What's your name?

  • My name's mercy Vendor.

  • Cool names.

  • Great superstar.

  • Thanks.

  • Thanks.

  • How did that feel?

  • I mean, these guys were loving.

  • It was everyone was with you.

  • Everyone was amazing.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Never actually been on under stage of my entire life.

  • Sorry.

  • What wisdom did you like to do it?

  • It was amazing.

  • You high?

  • I plan to be back next year.

  • Thank you.

  • Know I encourage you to perform more Abou, you know, because I feel like when you're on stage, you're gonna feel like even more comfortable up there.

  • I love that you said Yeah, and I'm gonna be back.

  • Next thing You know what I mean?

  • Like, it's so many people that get up here and they get really frustrated that they don't get a chair turn.

  • And you were the kind of artists where it's just like I'll do anything.

  • You know what I mean.

  • I want to make sure I do anything.

  • I think I almost got my mom is, like, actually huge RV, and she's been fooling you and your culture club group for years.

  • She's 72 this year And she wondered if she could give you a hug.

  • Smoke, right?

  • Did you really proud?

  • Nothing.

  • Just relax into everything.

  • You deserve to enjoy the song more.

  • Enjoy the song.

  • Take the time With this moment.

  • Enjoy Tomorrow.

  • Can't wait.

  • Thank you.

My name is Mercy Vanda on 23 years old, from prison.


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マーシー・ヴァンダーがエド・シーランの「Perfect」を歌う|ザ・ヴォイス・ステージ#15 (Mercy Vander sings 'Perfect' by Ed Sheeran | The Voice Stage #15)

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