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  • what is going on?

  • My fellow ghosts.

  • It is the blind prophet, and today I kind of just wanted to talk about ghosts of Tsushima Thegame, which has helped build this channel toe what it is right now.

  • Since we last saw the game at E.

  • 3 2018 it hasn't had much information come out other than leaks, but I still wanted to see if we could uncover some things on it.

  • So without further hesitation, let's get right into this one goes.

  • Mizushima is a Sony First Party exclusive, supposedly coming to PS four from the beautiful developers that sucker Punch Productions who have previously brought US hits such as the infamous franchise as, well, a slight Cooper games other than when they've been in events such as E three.

  • Sucker Punch hasn't been very vocal about their anticipated title, and it's left the Internet searching for any sort of clues for a release date or any other details about the game.

  • Now I might be stretching on this, but I think the silence has been intentional due to another highly anticipated game on the rise cyberpunk 2077.

  • If we go back to 2018 this is where we get our first look at the new trailer for cyberpunk as well as some were ableto participate in the behind closed doors demo that we later saw during games come shortly after Sony announced their withdrawal from E 3 2019 And, well, it seems they made a good decision.

  • Both Cyberpunk and Chiana Reeves told the show this year.

  • Becoming an Internet sensation and mean the feeling of being there of walking the streets of the future is really going to be breathtaking.

  • What would new game plea details or another cinematic trailer for either Ghost Tsushima or the last of us have against Baba Yaga himself?

  • Now?

  • Chiana wasn't exactly the Boogeyman.

  • He's the one you sent to kill the fucking competition, and that's what he's done.

  • But you might be thinking, Well, profit.

  • It's my good man.

  • So he couldn't have known Cyberpunk was gonna hit hard with the greatest man alive being in their game.

  • Sony wouldn't have anticipated that from the time they first announced her withdrawal.

  • It's purely a coincidence, and I would be inclined to believe that if Sony wasn't at the top of the food chain, granted, I don't believe they anticipated, can you?

  • Exactly.

  • But I believe they need a cyberpunk to hit hard, and I see, like the Star Wars dilemma.

  • When Star Wars, the force of weekends, was coming out in 2015 another hugely anticipated movie was just on its way.

  • The Hateful eight, which was due for December 30th.

  • Now the force awakens had been out for almost a week, as it had been released for the general public to see.

  • December 18th However, My man Tarantino had his big Christmas week opening at the Cinerama Dome Theatre, pushed out by ArcLight and Disney to give the force awakens an extended run.

  • After that, not many big movies wanted a release in competition with Star Wars.

  • Not that it stopped some, like La La Land from being successful critically was just more competitive at the box office.

  • Now what does this have to do?

  • A ghost?

  • Tsushima?

  • I think so.

  • He was trying to avoid a Cinerama Dome experience by just letting cyberpunk have its moment and let the release date come out.

  • That way.

  • They could plan the release of their hotly anticipated titles, such as The Last of Us Go So Tsushima again.

  • This is just a theory.

  • And so he might not even be that worried about cyberpunk as it is just one game.

  • But I personally feel they understand their competition, even if we look back at 2015 when the witch or three was released, not many huge Prius for exclusive were present other than until dawn and blood borne.

  • So again, just a theory.

  • But the Wichard did win game of the year that year, so Sony has to have at least a watchful eye on CD PR.

  • Something else interesting is recently I g n put out a pole with fans voting on their most anticipated PS for exclusives and the last of us.

  • Part two, unsurprisingly, was at the top with final Fantasy seven's remit close behind.

  • Whereas Ghost Oshima barely beat death, stranding by one and 1/2 percent difference in an article by idea acknowledging the results of the poll, it's even stated that Ghost Tsushima has been notably absent since it wowed us at E.

  • 3 2018 which is interesting that it was still ableto win fans votes over death stranding, which has a November 2019 release date on a recent trailer that showed off new gameplay, which has won our feudal Japan samurai game.

  • Man, I'd really love to know your thoughts, though I personally hate when games are announced like this with ghosts Tsushima being announced back in 2017 and now in 2019 were in complete darkness with only a polished gameplay demo to go off.

  • Even if we look back at Cyberpunk 2077 which was announced back in 2013 and is now being released over seven years later, just brings us through a roller coaster of emotions being anticipated and excited.

  • And throughout that time, we're waiting can possibly get our hopes up, and when the actual game comes out, it disappoints us.

  • Apex Legends was very cool in the way that it released with no sort of warning and expectations and place.

  • We just got our hands on the game and played Now, obviously, a free to play Battle Royale game with micro transactions is way different than a story driven game with a $60 price tag, and marketing has to happen to get us invested.

  • But why so long?

  • And then on top of this, the developers air going through vigorous crunch periods.

  • It done boggles my deadly marbles.

  • I love CDP, ours marketing with their slogan release when it's ready.

  • But I also feel that game should be marketed when they're ready as well.

  • But then again, I'm not in the industry to really understand the reasoning behind this.

  • Just a consumer that at the end of the day will still be buying the games that interest me and theorizing as to why they're not out yet.

  • Once we actually get solid information on ghosts Tsushima, such as a release date, gameplay and or story details, I'll try to update you guys as soon as possible.

  • As I know you have been begging me for more videos on ghosts.

  • Tsushima again, sucker punch has been very quiet.

  • I didn't want to make videos without more solid information and details, but again, let me know what you think.

  • In the comments down below.

  • You think Cyberpunk has had an effect on Sony's marketing for games like Ghost Tsushima?

  • Where do you think sucker punches?

  • Just taking their time, crafting this world we have asked so long for Let's talk about it as I try to respond to every single comment And as always, stay hydrated Let them pass in peace and excelsior way the fuck up samurai way Have a city to burn so I gotta finish this.

what is going on?


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