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  • Elizabeth.

  • It's Mame.

  • Something's not right.

  • She must have gone away.

  • I'm talking to a lucky break World.

  • What if she's been the tough?

  • Elizabeth is missing.

  • I know it.

  • Are you out looking for him like a told you yesterday?

  • Was I here yesterday?

  • What's happened to my sister?

  • Where will shape your sister?

  • Suki went missing 70 years ago.

  • I looked everywhere for That's why I've got to find Elizabeth doing here.

  • Oh, the savings of you think I've lost me?

  • Mom, you've got to stop all this nonsense.

  • It's upsetting you.

  • You don't believe me.

  • Nobody does.

  • We're going to find you.

  • Elizabeth is missing on BBC one and I player.



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エリザベスは行方不明予告編|BBC予告編 (Elizabeth is Missing: Trailer | BBC Trailers)

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