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  • beautiful morning once again seems are one step away for a final.

  • And, of course, India Pakistan clashes have a great history.

  • Good shape from the bowler.

  • Even better from Pereira.

  • It should be out.

  • It should be gone.

  • It is.

  • This game is field with high intensity, slashed back.

  • Flails it for four strikes.

  • That's going to be for you.

  • Don't need to run for that.

  • Brings up 50 with boundary.

  • Good innings for Haider Ali.

  • Chest strikes.

  • Big trouble.

  • Both batsman in the same and it's chaos and carnage there.

  • Pakistan ended all over this one on underneath it all.

  • Spectacular catch, absolutely spectacular.

  • Half century for the captain in the semifinals of a World Cup.

  • Good.

  • Stop it straight to the field and out that way.

  • The end.

  • It's been a relentless Indian bowling attack.

  • Shots.

  • Four runs.

  • It is flown.

  • Find the gap.

  • No surprise.

  • Good looking shots.

  • How easy is that?

  • There's no fuss about this from giant slow.

  • It's 1/2 century for deviants.

  • Saxena.

  • He's played really well.

  • Oh, that's adding insult to injury.

  • Joy as well lifted away onto the next side and raises his arms as he gets 100 his third off his army.

  • I have 19 career and India on route to trust me.

beautiful morning once again seems are one step away for a final.


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インド対パキスタン 19歳以下のクリケットワールドカップ準決勝モンタージュ (India v Pakistan Under 19 Cricket World Cup semi-final montage)

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